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Am I a welcome breed to Folksy?

(Mrrotarydial) #1

Hi all,

I’m interested in selling, I make designs, which can be personalised [think weddings, birthdays etc] - but for print on sublimation items such as ceramics and mugs to name a couple. I create my designs from scratch and hand press them, but I wonder; does this fall under hand made?

I’ve done some looking around and most of the things are bracelets, jewelery and truly hand made painted/items. Would a shop full of hand-made-sublimation items be prohibited here? Would love to sell our wedding teddies on here as they’re very cute :smile:

I also generate high end previews for the listings too (think of an e-commerce shop, perfect white background, cutout) so I fear that our shop listings would look too sterile? They’re highly accurate, as I am a perfectionist when it comes to presentation. It’s great you can customise a shop front on here, so that would perhaps make up for the ‘too-commercial’ look for our possible venture here?

Let me know, and hopefully look forward to spending more time here!

(Christine Shephard) #2

I would check with Folksy support before setting up shop, but I believe that original designs are allowed to be produced by someone else in small batches - anything mass-produced is definitely not permitted - so I suppose you would need to explain your production methods to Folksy and they would decide. I’ve seen designers selling printed mugs, phone cases, t-shirts etc, and I’m sure they don’t make them all personally, so I would imagine you’d be ok.

(Mrrotarydial) #3

It would be print on demand, and we do everything in house. e.g. someone buys, it’s printed and dispatched the same day :smile: