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Ideas help please

Ive started to sort out Xmas fairs. I have decided on what not to take, but the only things I have left to take are Xmas decorations. I have realised that people don’t want to buy for themselves, they want to buy gifts for people.

I understand this is the most obvious and most difficult question to ask but what can I make that would be a good gift?
I recently sold at a B&M shop and noticed that cards and soap sell well, I can make cards but I wont be making soap. I guess personal pampering items are good.
I like to sew, all I can think of are make up bags. Anything else?

…afterthought. I also design and sell pocket mirrors, maybe I could make the make up bags and give a free mirror with it.

Think about the price points: people often have a definite budget in mind. What can you make that will give a good profit at £5, £10? What can you make that will fit the “difficult female relative over 40” description?

Thanks for your reply. I forgot I wanted to get more into soldered pendants for necklaces(with cord necklaces instead of chain), they wont be as expensive as my beaded jewellery, maybe £10-£12.
“difficult female relative over 40” hehe, love the description.

Maybe little gift/pampering sets with miniature products inside?

The make up bag and co-ordinating mirror is a good idea but don’t give the mirrors away, have each item available separately but working out cheaper if they buy them both together. Coin purses to match might work. There are issues with selling toiletries you make yourself as the recipes need to be tested and certified by an approved chemistry lab but there is nothing to stop you from packaging up bought in supplies (but you wouldn’t be allowed to sell that here as it counts as assembled) to go with the make up bags.
I regularly get asked about sets/ co-ordinating items so have a think on whether earrings to go with the pendants are possible - again I’d go for having them available separately or better value if bought together. And keeping price points under £15 is a good idea as well, there are a few fairs I do where the big spenders come out (mainly husbands buying for wives) but mostly its lots of items under £15 (but that can soon add up).

Thanks for the info.
I agree about prices, I tend to take my cushions (as there is usually room) but decided not to as Ive noticed nobody seems to spend more than £12. Plus I don’t think il have enough space in future venues, table sizes seem to be limited. in a way that’s good as it gets me thinking in a different way.
Thanks for your comments.

I looked for wine tote style bags in fabric last year and really struggled. With the idea of reusing I rather liked the idea of fabric wine bags but that was maybe just me :smiley: Rachel