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Could do with some feed back... please

(BaudelaireBazaar) #1

in the past month or so iv added new bigger pendants to my range. before I did small pendants (sold for £8) large 1inch round pendants ( sold for £10) along with my grips and earrings which sell well.

so my issue that I need feedback on is , if the price is right for my new larger oval pendants , which I have put on sale for £12. I think this is what they are worth , but at a craft fair yesterday they had lots of lookers ooh arhhs , people saying how nice they were but no takers… hmmm is the £2 price different really that bad?

I have worked out the costing’s and I could make they for £10 but I really think they are more time to produce and so should be more.

any thoughts are appreciated.


(Natasha de Vil) #2

If you think that is what they are worth then you should stick to that price. You always get that at craft fairs/markets, I had it the weekend over a £4 brooch! They are bargain hunters and probably not your target market. I think more expensive items always sell slower than the cheaper items but I also think smaller pendants and accessories just sell better as well. Don’t ever undersell yourself, if the item is worth £12 then sell it for £12 :smile:

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

Ive noticed that people don’t buy many of my items over £10 at craft fairs. I think I sold some reduced bunting for £12 but that was the most expensive thing. Usualy its cards fro £2 or things £8 and below.
I think people have a budget, eg £5 each on the twins, £10 for auntie winnie etc if it doesn’t fall into their price range they may haggle.

But I agree with Natasha, dont undersell your items.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Is it the price or is it the size that is putting people off? Looking in your shop your large oval pendants are 45mm x 30mm and based on my experience that is the sort of size where people start to dither - its pushing the limits of what they are comfortable/ used to wearing. Its also sizable enough to make them uncertain if they are buying it as a gift. Maybe its just my neck of the woods but I have no problems selling items upto the £20 mark at craft markets but larger (and/ or more expensive) items definately take longer to sell. I’d stick with the £12 price point for that size but not do too many that size and offer them in smaller sizes if possible.

(BaudelaireBazaar) #5

thank you guys… I think my prices are really reasonable overall - I have seen the same type of pendants for sale at a much higher price . I want my my items to be profitable for me , but good value for my customers. I agree with people wanting a bargain - I always say that’s why my grips sell well at fair , cause they are in impulse buy.
but when it comes to my big pendants , I cant help think why don’t to you love them as much as I do ? I know its silly to think that .

(Sasha Garrett) #6

You mustn’t take it personally - I’ve made things I love and am very proud of but have yet to sell (my oldest stock is 2 years old) whilst other things which I’ve thought ‘hmmm maybe not quite sure’ have sold on their first outing.

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(Roz) #7

I agree with Sasha @SashaGarrett - you can never judge what people will like. Some of my favourite scarves have been with me a while whereas others that I personally wouldn’t wear have flown off the shelves. I have also found in the past that a certain item sold like hotcakes, every craft fair I went to it was my top seller then suddenly (after I had restocked and made loads more) no one wanted to know and it took me ages to sell the rest. I think I even dismantled some in the end as they didn’t sell! The opposite has also happened - items that have been around for ages suddenly become really popular. If anyone knows the answer as to why then I’d love to know so I can cater for it!

(Diane Keeble) #8

I think your prices are fine and I agree with others, it’s very hard to predict what people will buy.

(Helen Smith) #9

I think it’s perhaps the time of year… I haven’t done any summer fairs this year but at the ones I did last year I had similar reactions, lots of oohs and aahs but few sales. But come October/November/December the same things with the same prices were flying out.

(BaudelaireBazaar) #10

Thanx for your imput,
im gonna make some smaller versions,

maybe your right about the time of year, the fair we did was a monthly artisan market so people come to buy… hopefully as we head towards xmas more will sell