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How do you mount your brooches?

(Kirstie Perry) #1

Until recently, I have used pin backs for my brooches so have had no trouble in mounting them onto card. I have now changed to normal brooch bars as I find the pin back allows the brooch to spin around.
I am interested to know how everyone mounts their brooches onto card? I have tried glue spots but they don’t seem strong enough to hold. Any thoughts would be much appreciated
Kirstie x

(Sonia Adam) #2

At the moment I make 2 holes with a hole punch to attach a brooch to card. Limiting for size though. Are ‘long reach’ hole punches available (like long-arm staplers?) would be handy but probably not worth investing in for me personally!

(Kirstie Perry) #3

Hi Sonia, yes I have tried using the hole punch but it doesn’t quite reach, like you say. I could look for a long armed one! Thanks

(Pauline Hayward) #4

Have you tried something like these.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

When I need to make holes in cards for stud earrings I use a metal scribe (a bit like a knitting needle but sharper, you can get them from hardware shops) with a bit of blutac under the card to push into. The backs on my brooches look a similar thickness to the posts on studs so it might work.

I realised that I have some old business cards so I could try it - bit tricky to do up the brooch but its on and staying put. FYI its 300gsm card I’ve tried it on.

(Leanne Woods) #6

Depending on the brooch I used to punch some cards but on others I cut small strips of card, small enough to be covered by the brooch and used double sided tape at each end to stick it to the diaplay card then just threaded the brooch bar under the strip. Bit more work but it was better than buckling the card trying to punch it sometimes.

(Helen Smith) #7

I use a stanley knife (and cutting mat) to cut 2 little diamond shaped holes in the card so the ends of the brooch bar push through and do up on the back. I keep one card on hand as a template and just mark the position of the holes with a pencil on the new card. It’s pretty quick to do once you’ve got the hang of it, no expensive equipment needed and flexible - you can put the holes wherever you want! Does depend on the thickness of the card you use though.

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

You could pin it onto a square of fabric and add a business info sticker on the fabric.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

I gave up with card as I always ended up blending the card and it becoming dog eared.

in my shop mine are not attached to cards but once bought they go into their little organza bag and a little card tag with my details with logo and Handmade just for you is attached to the organza bag.

(Kirstie Perry) #10

Thank you everyone. You’ve given me some great ideas. I just need to give them a go now xx

(Steven Calton) #11

Have you looked at single hole punches that you can position anywhere . I had a set with four interchangeable heads from Kars and could punch two sizes of circle , a heart and a star . The cutting heads just screw on to a steel rod.