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I'm so excited - I got my rock tumbler and it works!

I received the rock tumbler that I won on Ebay last night!. My husband kindly rewired the whole thing and put on a new plug. I loaded it up with broken and nipped plates and cups, water to cover with a couple of drops of washing up liquid for about 3 hours and voilà! Gorgeous rounded and soft corners on the pieces. They will look so beautiful in my creations. I am so chuffed!

Who knows what it is like to wait for a long time for something and when you get it all of your expectations and not only met, but exceeded?

Lucky me!


That sounds real fun! Never thought about one! Enjoy!

Your new gadget sounds brilliant. :smiley:

Enjoy :blush:


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I live at the seaside & often scour the beach for sea washed glass but having one of these the bits I don’t collect as they’ve not been “washed enough” could be collected & tumbled. I’d be doing 2 jobs in 1; clearing the beach of debris & getting more materials!


I live in Lancashire and one of the beaches around here is littered with glass, how lucky to win the tumbler

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Thank you. :smile: