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New stuff arrived :)

So i went a bit mad and ordered a small amount of stuff cough cough cheered me up no end having it arrive but am in week 3 of crummy infection and really dont have the energy to make anything. This is the result of our first years sales being respent to support our various hobbies :smile:


Oh its so exciting when you get a delivery :slight_smile: I love it when my wool orders come through, all those lovely colours to play with. I never have enough even though I have many overflowing boxes!

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I think i certainly do have enough, spare room has disappeared with beads, ceramics and probably things i have forgotten about totally. But it is nice to just go hide away from the world for an afternoon and use it all

This is the start of a very slippery slope I’m afraid Paul, you are now a lost cause soon to be hidden by beads never to be seen again. My christmas fair profits have been burning a hole in my pocket and some of the rock companies have started their christmas sales early. Hurry up india post I want my malachite and banded onyx and ruby fuchsite and k2 granite and some more malachite and more banded agate and a few other things for good measure, maybe I need to order some more silver as well… (thankfully todays fair went well)


Glad your fayre went well, our last one is this coming sunday, my better half will be running it while i rest up and maybe dabble with some dangly earrings. It truely is addictive spending back on more supplies, but its part of the fun.
Go on order some more (thats not me saying it, its your inner voice)

That looks exciting! Have fun. I’m wearing the bracelet I bought from you as I type :smile:

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Ah that message is even better than new supplies arriving :slight_smile:

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Blimey! I wish I had permission to spend that much on beads-my other half has me on a very tight budget :innocent: indeed, but I have managed to negotiate a small raise for next year :neutral_face:

Sam x


@SamanthaStanley it was a sting to the bank lol, i only work 16 hrs a week due to health issues and am often stuck inside unable to go out. So when i started doing crafts i decided all the money raised from sales would go straight back into supplies without worry about balancing the books or anything past the initial investment. A self sustaining hobby sort of deal. Dont drink, dont smoke, dont go out lol so i craft now instead :smile: Best thing i have done as there is only so much day time tv a person can take :smile:


I used to get excited about my beads, but now it’s fabric! :joy::joy::joy:


Fabric involves needles/risk of stabbing oneself. Fabric is all yours @Amberlilly lol


I used to get excited about fabric- now it’s beads and fabric! :blush:

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That is a great swag Paul
It is such a thrill when supplies arrive , I even love it when packaging and stationery come.
I have been spending a lot on boxes and pouches this week ,as companies seem to be offering good discounts , and I know they will come in one day.


I know what you mean Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery - I received and order of mailing bags and labels the other day and was so excited to be able to use them for an order I had to go. Is that a bit sad?!

Hi Paul, your stash of beads is fantastic. I know what you mean about daytime t.v. I watch youtube videos when I’m not sewing. I love to see how other’s work. I have just moved so my fabric is still boxed up waiting for my work room (spare bedroom) to be organised, I’m having a large work table installed when it arrives.
Best wishes Marg.

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Ah yes fabric … I have had a studio built and I STILL can’t fit it all in … opps …

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Work table sounds like a good plan. WOW a whole studio full of goodies! We got a huge table off a second hand group on FB.£30 quid for a giant work space…that took the place of the spare bed which was my subtle way of claiming the spare room for crafts :smile:

My work table is a throw out computer table from a school, and I think it’s about 8ft long. So I’m sorry relatives, I will have no room for you to stay!!.

Studio represent 25 yrs of savings and is kitted out with upcyced, thrifted storage - still a work in progress!

So when I pop over next year will I find you under a mountain of beads, ceramics and sparkly things? :wink: