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Help for Jacob's Craft Project

Hi all.
Jacob is 10 and obsessed with collecting rocks, pebbles, bits of mortar. We have boxes and boxes of stones, they are everywhere. I asked if he’d like to use them creatively, and he’s started painting some, and wants to put them in a box frame. So we went and bought yesterday.

Question! How do we stick them in? really strong glue? Silicone? do we stick them directly to the back of the frame? Any advice appreciated!


When I’ve stuck things in box frames, I’ve used a two part epoxy resin.
I like it when the natural background of the box frame is used, especially if it has a nice texture. You could always paint it whatever colour you wanted.
I’ve also stuck patterned papers to the back before and then glued ceramic on top of that and it has stuck down well and not lifted up.

Look forward to seeing his finished projects x

I have on occasion had to unstick rocks from things and 2 part epoxy is much harder to do that super glue so my vote is for 2 part epoxy. Make sure the back of the stone is free from any flaky bits (give it a good scrub with a hard brush) other wise the flaky bits will stick and the rest will fall off.
(I also have a growing collection of rocks - the other half says if I can carry it I can have it! At somepoint I think I’ll take up lapidary.)

Thank you @thedotterypotter and @SashaGarrett :slight_smile:
I’ve been and bought some epoxy this afternoon!

He has spent ages washing the stones, and drying them, so I think they will be ok. I think the glueing may be daddy’s job though, I’m pretty sure I have glued my fingers together before with epoxy! Hehe.

He’s got sensory processing disorders, and the OT thinks he carries them to help him feel weighted. But he does get fond of quite large bricks, which causes some problems. Hopefully being creative will help him feel less anxious.

Will post an update!