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Impressions for 30 days

Is 317 a good number of impressions for a month?
That’s the highest I’ve got for one item, a pair of earrings. This is for 30 days.
Is this good or bad.

I don’t really know…
If I look at mine over the last 30 days my highest impressions for 1 item 2152.


Wow! That’s really good!

My highest for 1 item was 605

Another good number.

I never really look at impressions, although I check my views every morning. Just had a look though and my highest was 872 for last 30 days. I’ve only had one sale this month. Interesting thread.


Maybe we can help get better impressions? Mine are really low.

I’m not very clued up on this sort of thing. When your impressions are high is that when your things appear a lot in searches? And can we increase that by getting our tags and wording right?

My sales have been very poor lately so maybe tweaking my listings would help to get seen.

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My impressions for the last 30 days is 21,857 for the whole of my shop but didn’t have a sale but it’s that time of year for me when things slow down until it gets colder.
The highest impressions for the month on 1 item was 341.

I have had 16,018 impressions with one sale, which was generated by Instagram not Folksy search. But it’s very very slow…

Yes I believe so. I usually click to check how many actually views I get and they are appallingly bad.

This article on the blog has advice on how to use the stats page

Basically as @plumporridge says: if a product has a high number of impressions, it suggests your title, description and tags are doing a good job at getting the listing in front of people. But if that product has lots of impressions but very few views, it could mean that your product photograph is not ‘clickable’ enough – so although lots of people are seeing it, something is stopping them clicking through to view it, possibly the photograph or the price?

The trick is being able to convert that impression (a view in a search result or gift guide etc) into a click and then into a sale. Hilary wrote a great blog post about that here: The section that might be most useful in the article is the ‘Things that may worry a new customer’ - although of course you need to get them to click on the picture they’ve been shown in search results etc first and that’s all down to your photography, price and first few words of the title.


I’d say its not just about the quantity of impressions but also the quality of those impressions eg lots of people might be searching for a necklace so if you tag your item ‘necklace’ it will be included in the search results getting you lots of impressions but if your type of necklace is not what they are after they won’t bother clicking on it so your impression to view ratio (and so your impression to sales ratio) will be low. If your tags are more specific eg ‘geometric necklace’ to continue my example, then you might not get included in as many sets of search results (so your impressions would go down) but the chances of your necklace actually fitting with what they are looking for go up so your impression to view ratio will (hopefully) go up (and hopefully so will your view to sales ratio).