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1 view Really!

Did I really only generate 1 view yesterday! Am I really that bad I can only bring 1 view to my shop. Which was probably me? :thinking:
Anyone else feeling lonely?


99% of the time I generate no genuine views. Just those dodgy ones from those weird sites that I see on GA.
I advertise on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and have all the links pointing to this website including on my own gallery website- but I still don’t generate any views.
It’s been like that pretty much the whole time I’ve been selling on here to be honest. I’m not sure what else I’m meant to do.

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??? Me neither! There’s only so much you can do. If the product themselves don’t generate any interest its a bit worrying! I never did any promo on the other side yesterday and got about 30 views which was good for me. Maybe administration can shed some light? Are we not ranked at all on Google? I have had views from Google on the other side. So I am a bit confused. Even my own website gets more than 1 a day. Feeling a bit demoralised.

Im not sure that the figures are showing correctly to be honest. I noticed mine said zero views this morning but then it changed part way through the day. Also @Amberlilly i think it was yesterday i looked in your shop and favourited some earrings but i did show my other half your store and they looked at a few things too so that alone is more than it shows?

I had the same thing yesterday. It said zero views in the morning then more as the day went on.
Might just be a little glitch

I think with private browsing the viewing figures are no longer accurate… certainly I managed to sell an item before Christmas without it having been viewed at all on that particular day…

That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!

The view counter has gotten a bit glitchy and inaccurate - I’m not seeing much correlation between folksy stats and GA even if I ignore all the referal spam. Folksy doesn’t seem to fare very well in google rankings and if you have the same item on both sides then the dark side will come higher in google rankings so that is where people will end up. I wouldn’t worry about it and go back to working out how to turn your doggies into mobile advertising.

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I received 55 views the other day, no idea how, but usually I get between 2-5, if any.

I only got one view yesterday but it led to a sale so I’m happy! :smile:

Right again @SashaGarrett.:joy: thxs.

Whoopee! @PocketfulCreations

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Don’t forget a view comes from clicking into a product. I often browse a shop without doing this, this won’t create a view result. So don’t assume no one is looking at you.

What annoys me, is that my editing a product creates a view!

Earlier this week the view counter wasn’t updating.

And my views are extremely low this week but then people are on holiday and I’m not doing any promoting or listing this week and I still got a sale.

I am thinking along the same lines as you. I think people are having a break from consuming this week unless its for major sales items.

I often get the feeling I’m talking to myself-especially on Facebook :smile:

Love Sam x


Looks like there are several of us in the same boat. On the last 3 days I had zero views, then zero views, yesterday I had one.

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My advice for what it’s worth:- don’t look at the views.


Personally I very rarely look at the views. And when 99% of the views showing on GA are all dodgy as well I just don’t see the point.
I do get more views on Etsy but then I don’t know whether they’re genuine either. Sales wise- I do ok if you add everything up across all the selling platforms but most of my sales these days are generated through things like Facebook and Instagram.
I notice discussions on here about not having any views and the majority of people often go on to say it’s because there’s an issue with the counter or whatever at the moment- but that doesn’t explain why my views are always poor! Haha
So yeah- I’ve given up on views on most things to be honest. I just make what I like to make, and sell via a few things online: here, Etsy and Artfinder. And I advertise and subsequently sell through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and sell through a B&M shop. So the sales through all of them do all add up. But I couldn’t just sell through one- they’re all needed for me.

I typically get very few views. But just before Christmas I was lucky enough for one of my items to be included in the last minute gifts email and my views went into hundreds overnight. I think it’s difficult to get your items noticed amid the thousands of items on here. Being in the gift guides is a massive boost.

Same!! No views yesterday or day before :cry: feeling slightly meh.
Glad I’m not the only one though, and yes,think I will stop looking at the views as its becoming an obsession!