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Include post and packaging in price or not?

I’m having an argument with myself, can you help me settle it in my head please?
What do people think??
Last year I changed my prices to include the p&p (admittedly I didn;t put it in the listing title, I know should do, but not always enough room), but now I am thinking in these times of hardship is it better to keep the prices “looking” low when they are displayed on group listings rather than a bit high because I’ve included the P&P?

Is it good practice to keep the p&p separate?

I already have the mosaic p&p and price separate, as thats a bit pricey so didnt want the high listing price to put people off. So this question is for jewellery, cards and prints,

I am thinking of changing it back to keeping the p&p separate, but before I do, I would like to hear what people think.

Thank you

Folksy take their commission from the cost of the item not including the postage. If you include the cost of postage in the item price, you will be paying more to Folksy.

Golly now i feel silly, never even thought of that! Doh! Well at least i can say I’ve been helping keep folksy going a bit!
I guess for my own sake tho i will be separating everything tomorrow!

I like to see the prices separate, I know that the p&p will be included within the cost so if I wanted to get multiple items I would feel that I was getting charged multiple times for the ‘hidden’ p&p, does that make sense? I’d much rather see the item price and a realistic postal charge.


Totally understand and agree. I’m going to change them back tomorrow.

I’ve tried both and it definitely works better separate.