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Just to say ‘’ Hello ''
Hi my name is Lynne James and I have opened a new online shop called Molly May Designs…
I have been back and for on this site for many years but was busy with other things … work etc so now its time for me…
I have been knitting and crocheting since I was ten years old… self taught being left handed…
Please take a peep and any advise would be welcome… I have many more designs ready to upload… so here goes …


My daughter is called Molly-May :smile: Love your tea cosys…

Welcome! Your tea cosies are very pretty. :slight_smile:

Really love your tea cosies and a big warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Hello! Your tea cosies are great (I’ve just favourited one - even though I’m more of a coffee drinker!). Love your tag line by the way :smile:

Love your tea cosies .
Good luck .

Hello and welcome from a fellow crocheter! :blush:
Your tea cosies are very sweet :heart_eyes::+1:
I wish you good luck with your shop and enjoy Folksy :blush:
Jo xx

I love to crochet (not so hot on knitting!) but I am not quite at your level! Your tea cosies are lovely :blush:

Welcome back to folksy. I love your tea cosys. Good luck with your shop.

Hi Lynne, Love your pink tea cosy and your tag line :smiley:

Loving your tea cosys Lynne, welcome back and good luck with your shop.
Lynn x

Welcome (back),
Hopefully you don’t mind a few bits of feedback on your listings. I am a mucky pup and on the rare occasions it comes out my teapot dribbles (I’m sure I’m not alone in that) so details of whether the cosy is washable (hand/ machine/ special wool wash) would be a useful bit of info to have in the listing (or state that they will be included with the cosy). Are the cosies one size fits any teapot or are they for a specific size pot? I think one listing has a size but not the others (a pot circumference might be useful as well as the number of cups, some people might not know how many cups their pot takes or have a funny shaped pot). One listing states that it is your design and not for sale so can people request a cosy in a different size/ colour if it doesn’t work with their pot/ decor? (my experience is that the more obvious it is to people that they can request a different colour and what sort of colours you have the better)
good luck

Welcome. What lovely and unique tea cosies! :heart_eyes: Good luck with your venture.