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Iron on patches...advice needed!

Hello there lovely folks.
I’m here again asking for advice.

Firstly I’d like to apologise for my lack of term knowledge, the word ‘thingy’ is going to be frequently used.

I’ve had some fabric printed up, and I’ve added an iron on backing so it’s a bit stiffer. But now I’d also like to make the patches ‘iron on’ friendly (no sew)… I’ve seen some double sided iron on stuff, but obviously, I don’t want to iron it onto anything myself (I just want to attach it to the back of the patch ready), does anyone have any idea what I could do?

Should i just provide an iron on sheet for the customer maybe?

Peel and stick is what you want. Place the patch on one side then when someone buys they just peel the backing and stick onto a surface.

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Its called Bondaweb its a double sided iron on film, it fees like paper, you iron it onto the patch and leave the backing paper in place, this is then removed enabling you to iron the patch to whatever you want yo add it to.

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Thanks so much for all your help! Your suggestions are perfect.