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Patchwork quilt

(Oh Button Me) #1

Quick question for you ladies (and gents)

I am close to FINALLY finishing my patchwork quilt I have been making it for years.

I have just got some wadding for it and have the backing and all that.
But my question is do you have to use bias binding on it or is there a way of not using it? As that is the one item I don’t have.

It’s my personal goal to finish it by Christmas :confused:

(Kim Blythe) #2

If you have straight sides to the quilt you do not need bias binding. Just use straight strips of fabric cut across some plain or patterned fabric. It only needs to be on the bias if you are going around curves…


(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

I’ve always used strips of fabric or wide satin ribbon. I’ve never used bias binding as I doubt you’d be able to get wide enough bias binding. I find it hard enough to by 1inch wide bias binding.

(Sue) #4

You could put the two right sides together and machine stitch most of the way round, turn it the right way and hand sew the last bit, the usual way is to cut long strips of the fabric you want as the edge, joining them on the slant, there is a way of mitring the corners, but I had to be told several times and have an example to work from ( I can now do this easily) but if you want it finished before Christmas the 1st method would be the easiest :smile:

(Oh Button Me) #5

Thank you all I am going to rade my fabric and see if I have some good bits I can cut into strips.

Yes @SueTrevor I was going to just put right sides together but not sure if it will sit correct :confused:

I AM going to finish it this weekend :raised_hands:

(Roz) #6

I’m no expert on patchwork quilts but the couple I have made I made with the backing fabric and wadding a couple of inches larger than the quilt and then folded the sides over and stitched them down as a border, like this

(BonnieBoon) #7

Roz I think your way is the easiest and looks spectacular!

(Marg) #8

I was thinking of starting a patchwork quilt, I can see it may take a lot longer to complete than I was originally thinking, as I was going to do it when I fancied doing something different.

Roz your quilt corner looks very neat.

(Witty Dawn) #9

Sometime I use bought binding, sometimes I make my own and sometimes I do as Roz has done (and very beautifully she has done it too!)


( BTW I have vintage fabric quilting supplies, squares/hexies/strips in my shop …just in case you feel the need to quilt !)

(Oh Button Me) #10

Oh @OrchardFelts i love the idea of that i have excess fabric on two sides i may do it on two and add on the other two. I have pinned the bits all together but will machine stitch tomorrow.

(Samantha Stanley) #11

If you are putting it the right side together and machining, baste (or tack) it first and then turn it the right way out briefly to check you have got it right before permanently stitching it-but I think Roz’s method is excellent.

Love Sam x

(Roz) #12

Thanks all for your comments - I don’t really make quilts as a rule (far too much of a long job!) but funnily enough I have just spent the last two evenings trying to make some progress on a felted quilt I started for my daughter about a year ago! Just finished sewing all the felted squares together, now I have got the monumental task of adding the wadding and backing. Think I’ll put that off for tomorrow, the difficult bit is finding a floor space big enough to do it! Hope you’ll post a picture of the finished product @OhButtonMe.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

oh yes finding the room to lay it all down and pining the layers together. Then all the basting ie long running stitches so you can take the pins out. So those large running stitches hold the layers together so you an complete the edging. This is why I don’t make many large ones. :smile:

BTW I have a lap size one now that daughter made the top for but I’m finishing for her and I’m finishing it by hand.

(Roz) #14

I have been inspired by this thread to crack on and try and get my quilt finished. All pinned together, currently tacking it all - I wonder how much of it I have tacked to the carpet?! Dogs are not enjoying their exclusion from the room while I perform this task!

(Kim Blythe) #15

I love making quilts…but the pinning & tacking bit is a challenge. All my rooms are small and not much floor space to use! I might have to try a ‘quilt as you go’ one!!


(Oh Button Me) #16

I machine stitched round the outside today but one side has not sat very well so will need unpicking.

(Roz) #17

Thats a shame @OhButtonMe :frowning: I have been busy quilting mine - not easy as it is a double sized quilt, made of wool felt and has wadding so is quite thick - can only just fit it through the arm of the sewing machine even when rolled up tight! Will be glad when the quilting is done and I just have the edges to do :slight_smile:

(Roz) #18

Ta da - all finished, despite cutting a hole in it as I was trimming the border! Just about managed to repair it so it doesn’t show. Good job it is for my daughter and not a customer.

100% hand felted wool squares with polyester wadding and polycotton backing. Wont be doing another one in a hurry! At one time I had thought of making similar for my shop (I have a lap blanket version in there) but the time it took to make and cost of materials I think I would have to sell it for about £500!

(Oh Button Me) #19

Looks very pretty well done to you glad this thread kick started it again.

I am still plodding along with mine :laughing:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #20

Well done it looks great :slight_smile: