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Is anyone watching War and Peace

A brilliant costume drama, I have just got to grips with the different families and who belongs to which. I like Stephen Rae, he’s also in Dickensian (the detective Mr Bucket I think his name is). Can’t wait for next weeks episode to see what happens to Pierre, I hope he finds love.

Yes, I’m enjoying it now, after a slow start. I read the book years ago and have the original BBC series on VHS still, so I’m familiar with the story…but the names don’t get any easier to remember!

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Yes,really enjoying it.

Yes, I’m loving it! I read the book about 4 years ago and did my dissertation on Tolstoy for my degree. Tolstoy is a very interesting charecter and I really love his books. I think this series is doing a very good job at depicting the book, although a few of the embellishments in the relationships are a bit strange. I’m interested in where it is being taken by the director.

Yes both hubby and I watch it. Poor Pierre, not much luck in the love dept. Was surprised by the Masons being in Russia, didn’t know they were there too! And Pierre’s wife, what a schemer! Pierre just seems like a lost innocent in it all - don’t know if that’s how he’s portrayed in the book. Don’t get me started on the set designs and costumes, utterly gorgeous to look at.

Really enjoying War and Peace too. Love it!

I’m really enjoying it. I loved the book and also the original BBC series. This one is so beautiful. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Yep Im watching it. I understand all the affairs and the struggles for social status but I feel the war side of things has to come into play a bit more, and then Im going to get confused.
Paul Dano(Pierre) is great (I think he out acted Daniel Day Lewis in Their Will be Blood and have watched out for him in shows ever since, nice that he is in a British Drama).
Great cast in general.
Costumes are amazing aren’t they, and the sets. I look out for Gillian Andersons outfits and Pierres wife was wearing a great dress the other night.
The actress that plays Pierres wife(Tuppence Middleton) is also in Dickensian as Miss Havisham.

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I’m sorry to say I gave up half hr into the first episode as I really couldn’t follow who everyone was.

Yes, I’ve watched the first one and will catch up with the 2nd episode this week. Quite enjoyed it.

I’ve been recording it and hope to watch it all in one go some rainy, windy, cold Saturday or Sunday soon. It’s a book I know I’ll never get around to reading and this seems like a really lavish production so I’m looking forward to it!

Yes, I love it, poor pierre.

Sorry, I just want to slap Pierre. He makes so many bad choices!


Yes loving it and the costumes and scenery are amazing.

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I love the costumes, it must be a great job working on costume design. Here is a picture of a riding jacket which is about 1880, a little later than the costumes in W&P but it is taken from a military style. Did they have sewing machines in 1880 or would it be hand sewn? The braiding would be handmade and sewn I would imagine.

I just looked on Google, sewing machines were invented as early as 1790.


I had intended to watch and then forgot all about it and missed it! Maybe I could watch it on catch-up but I’m hopeless with TV series. I recorded the whole of the last series of Downton Abbey to watch later, forgot about it, and then discovered I’d left it too long and all the episodes have expired from my planner except for the last two!! :anguished:

It’s extra special for me, as my eldest brother, who sadly is no longer with us loved Russian literature. I sat with him watching the original TV version. I was too young really to fully appreciate it but felt so " grown up" sitting with him and listening to his explanations.

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Normally I hate costume dramas… ie Downtown Abbey but I’ve really got into it. I’ve never read the book but someone I mentioned that there are some things in the programme that are definitely not in the book. Don’t know if its true but I’m enjoying it.

I’m going to read the book when I get the time, there’s usually more detail in a book, but you have to use your imagination when it comes to the costumes, buildings etc. I will be able to picture the scenes from the drama when I read the book.

Just had to say I loved the bit with Pierre(I think that’s his name, Paul Dano in real life) when he was in the battle scene and he was blown over by the ammunition in the cart being blown up. It showed him spinning in the air, then being dragged along the ground. Such an original way of showing what happened to him.