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Is it just me?

Hi All :slight_smile:

I have been on Folksy since February and am beginning to wonder whether the lack of sales is common, or if I am not doing enough?

I have not yet sold one item and am beginning to get a little disheartened. I have been asked by lots of friends if I can make them a set of coasters, so there must be people out there that would want them, but I haven’t managed to actually sell a thing.

I know I still need to set up a Facebook page as I currently only use Instagram to market my shop. Is there anything else I should be doing? I am wondering whether I should re-take my photos too. How do you guys market your shop and do you sell regularly on Folksy?

If anyone has any ideas , please do let me know!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Emma, in the end it does all come down to your marketing. You’re paying for shop space, that is all. Folksy is not that well known, so you’re not really paying for a shop on the high street, you’re paying for a shop down a back alley - and you need to encourage people to visit you by putting up bill boards all over the place…twitter, facebook, a blog, pinterest, instagram etc…and you need to keep putting up those bill boards because everyone else in your market place is doing the same thing.

Your coasters are very saleable and your postage is not offputting - maybe try a lower price point, for example 2 coasters at £6 would perhaps entice someone in who is looking for a gift at under £10.

I like your descriptions, although personally I find the kiss at the end a little unprofessional. Others would not agree with me though!

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your advice! I will definitely consider selling sets smaller than 4 :slight_smile:

I really do need to up my game when it comes to marketing, opening a Twitter account as we speak and will sort my Facebook page out this afternoon.


Hi Emma, I agree with all that Stephanie has said, just getting your shop out there really, it takes time. Your coasters are great, I’ve found & followed you on Twitter, all the best.:slight_smile:

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I too can only echo what Stephanie has said. It’s hard work to get your products out there, and keep at it too! Handmade is very competitive but to be honest I find it hard to have the time to be consistent with it all. Marketing and networking in itself is a full time job in my opinion!

You photos look great - I like the ones with a drink on one of the coaster best as that visually just confirms at first glance in a search that they are coasters.

@HilaryP has written a book about online marketing, and she explains things very well. I just need to find the time to implement them!

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Thank you! I have followed you too. Going to have to get used to Twitter as I have never really used it before! I guess I will have to make more of an effort into getting my products seen and fingers crossed, this will eventually lead to a sale :slight_smile:

Thanks too BigBirdLittleBird! I may swap most of my main photos to the ones with the drink in shot, I think you’re right! Your advice is much appreciated, that looks like a very interesting read :slight_smile:


Promotion is definately the key, the more the better but I’ve found that rather than bombarding people with ‘you can now buy this on folksy’ type posts add a few ‘oooh look what new materials turned up this morning’, ‘experimenting with a new style/ work in progress’ type posts as well - they seem to go down well with my followers. Maybe next time one of your friends approaches you to buy a set get them to complete the transaction via folksy just to get you off the mark (that’s how I got my first sale here). Finally and maybe this is just me - washing instructions, I’m guessing the coasters can’t be put in the dish wash so some sort of indication of how to get spillages off might be good (I’m a mucky pup but I’m sure I can’t be the only one).

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Hi Emma,
I’ve just been having a peek at your coasters - they look great and you have already been given quite a lot of good advice in earlier posts. It took me ages to get my first sale so all I can advise is keep your faith. I’ve managed to find you on IG and have started following (if it’s any help)
Di :slight_smile:

Hi Emma, I have just been and faved your shop…your coasters are lovely…my only comment and this is just MY personal point of view…I found the striped table that they are pictured on, distracted me from the coasters…(too much pattern for my brain to take in and wondered if they would look better on a plain background? >…just a thought.

Big thanks to everyone for your help and ideas! Think I’m going to spend next week tweaking things slightly :slight_smile: hope everyone has had a great weekend!


Hi Emma. I’m sorry you haven’t sold anything yet. Your coasters are great. For me, the product shots that work best are the ones which show the coasters being used - so with the tumblers or wine glasses. Like this one…

It might not be immediately clear to a shopper who comes across a photo without those props what they were looking at. Have you thought about doing a more styled product shot - so photographing them on a table set with something pretty like some macaroons, a handmade mug filled with tea, a lovely linen napkin and some flowers? That kind of thing.

It might also be worth offering personalised coasters. You could stamp initials into the coasters or use calligraphy to write people’s names? Then you could sell them as a gift for a family.

Hi Emma!
I agree with everyone who posted. Your coasters are lovely.
Have you photographed them with a mug? They could very well be used in an office setting for a coffee mug or for a glass of water. There’s a whole market for “secret Santa” gifts and more generally gifts for co-workers… you could tap into that.
Also, it would be nice to see your magnets on a fridge holding a postcard or something like that. Show your products in a realistic setting.
Good luck with it!

PS> a few Christmas-y ones more strongly red and white? Just a thought.

Definitely keep up with Instagram! It has brought me sales. Like said, we are only paying for a selling platform not promotion, this is up to us. Make sure you use as many #as you can think of. And engage with your likes. I have some lovely I.g friends, and love it. Also, don’t just have one place to sell. :grinning: Keep at it! Good luck! X

I think styled product shots is a great idea, I may re photo all of my coasters and try some mugs as suggested too. Thanks for the inspiration!

It’s crazy that we’re starting to think of Christmas, I can’t believe it’s August already! I best et cracking on some Christmas aimed items, great point, thank you :slight_smile:

Will keep cracking at Instagram and Twitter!

I really do appreciate all your advise, it’s given me some things to focus on now and I’m feeling positive, Christmas geared listings, new photos (some with mugs), more promotion, listings for smaller sizes and edit descriptions slightly!

Lots of work ahead!


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