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Help in getting sales please

Hi I have been using folksy for a few months now and I haven’t had any sales, I am on facebook and twitter and post on there as much as possible (although I do go quiet for a while as I’m making things or looking after my 17month old) I haven’t used instagram before and not sure if I should. I am I doing something wrong? Or is my stuff not suitable? Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance Jade

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Hi Azalea. Your things are lovely and I really like the photos of the necklaces being worn :smile:

A few months ago Folksy introduced tags within listings to help improve search within the site. It doesn’t look like you’re using any tags in your listings right now. Adding tags might help your things get found when shoppers are searching.

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Hi Azalea - your stuff are lovely and very unusual - I’m sure they will sell.
I agree with Melanie - you need to tag your items - something that I never did either until it was pointed out to me and now I seem to be getting a steady flow of views.

Good luck with the sales - they will come!

hi there,
you work is lovely - and i like the photographs of the necklaces being worn.
the only thing would suggest is that perhaps a few of your photos (where just necklace showing) are a bit too dark maybe and it is hard to see the colour of the necklaces in a few photos.
i hope this helps - and best of luck with your shop.

Hi Jade

I am on instagram and all my sales on folksy is because my crafts are seen on there first, my customers then go to my folksy shop to buy, instagram is free and the best place to be.

Hopevthis helps

Sue Ladydarinefinecrafts

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Thank you everyone for your advice and help, I will give the tags and Instagram a go, I’ll work on the photos as well, fingers crossed :smile: thank you again x

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I, too, am looking for sales! I have just reopened my shop after an absence of a couple of years, I have sold one item last week, but although views have increased, not much other action. I am not on social media, perhaps this is where I should look.

Good luck Jade! I’m in the same situation. I had a few items of painted furniture and mosaics on last year and no sales (my friend ended up buying most of my stuff privately in the end which was brilliant but I hardly covered my costs never mind the hours of work) Have made smaller items this time around and am using tags and social media (although not enough I suspect). I’m wondering whether I need to also sell in local shops to advertise my name and Folksy shop, although obviously my cut will be smaller as I’ll charge them less than I could make on Folksy. It is a bit disheartening but I’m going to hang in there. Your stuff looks great! Good prices and good photos. I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time. There’s so much gorgeous competition on here after all. :slight_smile:

Just looked at your lovely shop. Some of your photo’s don’t show off your lovely work! Maybe double check them?:grin:@MillieMoth

Yes I think you’re right! I do struggle with taking good photos. Thanks for the tip, I’ll have a read at some of the blogs about it.

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Just looked at your page @Amberlilly - lovely clear photos! Yep definitely something to reconsider! :smile:

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Hi lovely fellow crafters I have started using instagram- because i’m new to it, its a bit intimidating- but I’m giving it a go in the hope I get more views-I’m still trying to work out how to use tags- feels a bit like its over my head, but I’m willing to give it a go. It can be disheartening, I’m with you on that MillieMoth. I hope we all get some positive outcomes soon!! x

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Just had a look at all your pages- its all such lovely work!! I think these forums are great, in that we can support each other! Good luck everyone x

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