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Is there a bug in the system

@dougfolksy @folksycontent
Morning, for a while i have had a problem when i tweet from my page, it takes me to tweet but then i cant get back to my page unless i open a new window and re enter the folksy in search bar, is it a bug on my page?
Thank you

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You might be better off emailing them directly so that it gets a proper support ticket. (they will probably want to know what browser you are using - some of my firefox add ons have caused issues in the past)

Thanks @SashaGarrett im on firefox so that could be it :slight_smile:

They will tell you to clear your cache and history, I think I ended up deleting firefox and reinstalling it (and all of my add ons) to clear my glitch but that did the trick.

A new version of firefox was rolled out recently and it has been causing me all manner of issues - a whole bunch of the add ons didn’t work with it so new versions of those have been rushed out and they are a bit buggy. I’ve had to resort to IE to get some pages to work.

Thanks @Sasha yes i got the update re firefox but with twitter the first time i had the problem was about a month ago.
It happens doesn’t with new updates though and most of the big companies tend to do several updates a year.