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Twitter link on Folksy

(Rachel) #1

Am I doing something wrong, if I click the Twitter button from one of m listings I am taken out of folksy and into twitter. I then have to log back into folksy whereas with pinterest it opens a new window?

Thank you Rachel

(Roz) #2

Thats strange Rachel, mine opens a new window like it does with pinterest.

Maybe its to do with the browser you use.

(Rachel) #3

I have just been on @Amberlilly shop and clicked her facebook link, this also took me out of folksy, maybe @folksycontent could answer my question please?

(Amberlilly) #4

Yes it does this when I’m on my tablet, I’m using chrome. I had to log back in just now because I closed the window as it never took me back, tad annoying!

(Camilla) #5

That sounds like a glitch, Rachel. You shouldn’t have to log back in. Could you email with the details of what’s happening and which browser you are using so they can look into it?

(Rachel) #6

Have done thank you Camilla

(Rachel) #7

Thank you Camila @folksycontent I have had a lovely reply back from folksy support to say that this is a glitch and they are flagging it up for checking, I did link folksy support to this thread so maybe @Amberlilly your glitch will also be fixed?