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Is there a thread for the Christmas Decorations and Ornaments Guide? (2015)


Hi there, was just reading the latest Folksy newsletter and it mentions the Christmas decorations and ornaments gift guide, but I couldn’t find a thread to post my images in for consideration. Does anyone know where it is please? Or is there some other way to get in the guide?

(Roz) #2

Was just wondering the same thing. I know usually it is up to Folksy to find you but as they have put it in the newsletter maybe they are looking for suggestions - any response @folksycontent @Folksyadmin


I was a bit confused about the mention of the tag - where to tag? Here at Folksy?

(Roz) #4

possibly on twitter?


I just had a quick look there but didn’t see any mention of a Christmas Guide.


Might as well post some items here:)

(Camilla) #7

Sorry! I’ll start one now :wink:

It’s here now Any suggestions for our Christmas Decorations Guide?

I think the suggestion to ‘tag’ us was specifically for Twitter, so you can show us your work on there too.


Thank you!:slight_smile: