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Is there such a thing as Free embroidery software?

(Maxine Jones) #1

Wasn’t sure where to post this, but have just brought my first ever embroidery machine and was wondering if anyone knew of any truly free software for making my own embroidery designs? I have downloaded about 5 and each one has limitions, none of them seem to allow to create my own designs from scratch. If not free then any affordable ones someone could recommend…thanks!

(Kim Blythe) #2

I have PE Design, although an older version, but I know a lot of people recommend Embird as an affordable package. I think there is a free version and then you can buy add ons as you need them, but I have never used it myself,
I also have the free download of Wilcom Truesizer on another computer so that I can view my designs on there, but you can upgrade it to the full version for $99. I have not really looked in to what they can do because I have PE Design…but they are worth investigating.
What embroidery machine did you buy?


(Maxine Jones) #3

Hi I got the Innovis 955, I downloaded a trial version of PE design but so far have failed to work out how you create your very own embroidery rather than using someone elses to work from and thought it cost over £900 to have the real version. Likewise I downloaded Embird but it wouldn’t let me use any of the fonts etc. I have the resizer one you mention, was my saviour when I purchased some pre made embroidery online and got the one that was too large for my hoop! Thanks for taking the time to respond :smile:

(Kim Blythe) #4

Digitising is a real learning curve and one I have only scratched the surface of. The easiest way to start is to digitise clip art, or take a simple line drawing, scan it in and then play with it in a paint programme first before importing it into digitising software, There are some good books on the subject if you look on Amazon…