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Is it allowed?

I need the fellow folksy peoples help.

I purchased some embroidery hoops the other day. I wasn’t planning on using them to do embroidery with as there are some really amazing shops on here and mine would never compeat with those.

I have some samples of silk fabric that has embroidery on it would I be able to list one of those. I understand I would state it is a ready made item just in a hoop. Just I’m not 100% sure if it seems cheeky but I have seen else where people just putting liberty or cath kidson fabric in a hoop and selling it.

What do you think? Hope It makes sense

I’m sure you would get away with it, but if you’ve seen it somewhere else it isn’t really original! You’re copying someone else’s idea. I think the key to being successful is to be original, think outside the box, make up your own ideas, don’t copy what’s gone before, you’ll be happier in yourself.

I understand your dilemma it does seem a bit close to ‘assembled’ doesn’t it. But if you have spent time finding the right embroidered silk fabric, spent time carefully choosing the right bit of the fabric to make the most of the pattern and then spend time tensioning it and finishing off the edges you are probably ok. You could always email support and check with them.

@SueTrevor Yeah didn’t mean I was copying someone else. Just that I had seen people just putting a piece of fabric in a hoop and trying to sell it. This has detail and looks fun.

@SashaGarrett Yeah I shall have to have a think.

Thank you for your input ladies :blush:

I think technically it would be against the rules, as using bought in fabric and designs on mirrors and badges is similar and was against the rules

Is that true, @DeborahJonesJewellery ? If so, there must be a lot more people than I thought breaking the rules! @OhButtonMe, if you’re worried about it, perhaps you could add a few beads in strategic places to enhance it and give it your personal touch…

Perhaps it has been relaxed , but at the time of the big assembled cull, shops selling that kind of thing were told it had to be their own artwork. Lots left.

If that’s the case all my mirrors would not be allowed :cry: @DeborahJonesJewellery and I’ve never been flagged up for it.

@coatimundi think I’m going to leave it and not bother now.