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Anybody keen on bespoke sewn blanks?

I’m sat here job hunting(yet again) and not having much luck. I wondered if sewing sewn fabric blanks would be appealing to any of you crafters?
I like sewing, and I know some people don’t sew but like to decorate sewn items.
So I thought Id put some feelers out to see if I could make things like small tote bag blanks, stocking blanks etc whatever size the customer would want.


I belong to a machine embroidery group on Facebook and I know a lot of the members of the group don’t sew, they just like to embroider ‘ready made’ items or blanks, so you may have a market for some machine embroiderers…

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Yes, I think this could be a lucrative market. We have made plain black hat shapes for fabric painters in the past
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Thanks for replies, Im working on little bags at the mo, lots of experimenting. Sewing small is tricky.