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Is this viable?

Normally I make C5 cards but wondered if making smaller C6 cards in packs of 3 are a sellable option,would love your opinions please Dawn

I really like the designs of your cards and think that smaller cards would work - have you thought about making them even smaller, say 4" x 2". I often buy little cards to use as gift tags/ greetings cards for teachers and presents I need to send. x

Thank you @AlphaUnique for your response, To be honest anyone that knows me and my cards know I usually stick with C5 but I have so many different size blank cards I thought I would give it a go with others, As for smaller ones no i didnt but I will give it a try, Any design in particular ? Dawn

I send lots of christmas cards (printed with my OH’s photos I’m afraid so I’m not in the market for any) but as a result of the number I send I’m always looking for ways to bring the price per card down and I’m sure I can’t be the only person in that position so a multipack strikes me as a good idea and a pack of 3 isn’t that large. C6 is still larger than I would normally send (I think) so doesn’t seem unreasonable as a size (still plenty of room for writing a message). The lisiting doesn’t mention if they come with envelopes - probably worth including this info so that people know they don’t have to go out and find an appropriate size one.

Hi Sasha, thank you for your response, I didnt realise I hadnt included envelopes come with them but have now added that to the listing. Dawn