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Question re selection packs of greetings cards

Hi again.

Everyone is always so helpful so hope it’s okay to ask yet another question.

At the moment, I list mainly individual cards with a couple of listings where I have created a 3 pack of cards, such as of the Robins and Foxes and given a small discount.

If I were to let people chose what cards they would like in the selection, what do you think would be best? Letting people chose, 3 cards, 5, or more? and offer a discount so for example 5 cards for £10 instead of £12.50.? I am inclined to chose the cards myself as I know how many of each I have available…

If they did chose, would they then have to write to me with which cards they want? Or should I just list some sets that I choose such as a selection pack of 5 where I have chosen the cards?

I hope this makes sense as I am just debating weather I need to offer more options with my cards than I currently do.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I think it would be easier for YOU if you just listed sets of 3 or more…it could get complicated otherwise…and supposing they got muddled and got sent the wrong ones?..then answering special requests…naaaah…
In your position, the ONLY thing I would consider would be to say on your listings that if there were any particular cards that people saw and wanted in sets, to PM you, then you can LIST the set required and let them see the picture and order in the usual way.


I like the offers where I get to choose the cards, often where I see pre-selected packs there is always aleast one that I don’t like (or don’t have a recipient for) Normaly one mentions the choices at checkout.

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Thank you Brenda. That is helpful.


I think it would be simpler if you chose the cards and i’m sure it would be better for sales if you offer packs of cards as well as individual ones. I always tend to go for the packs when buying online as it always seems a little expensive for postage for just one card.

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