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Items not selling

My items are not selling, any advice? I was thinking maybe it is to do with the season. But the season doesnt stop people from but summer or autumn stuff when it comes to digital marketing. Please any advice is appreciated.

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Well you only just join this month so don’t expect instant sales. It takes lot of hard work and time before the sales take off.

How much promoting are you doing? and where?

How many different social media platforms are you promoting your listings on?

You have to drive traffic to your shop and then you have to keep them interested.
Your descriptions are in need of a lot of work as do your use of photo’s. Are those your photo’s or photo’s you’ve taken off the internet? As I notice you have one that says, ‘Web Sample’ and not only that it’s blurry and doesn’t even have the image of the bow tie you are selling. You need to take your own photo’s of your own handmade items.

You need to not only take one of the front of the bow tie, but the back and the whole thing including one of how it does up.

These details needs also need to be in your descriptions along with what fabric the bow ties are made from.

Remember potential customers can only go by what they can see in your photo’s and read in your descriptions. They are unable to pick up the item and have a good look and feel of the item like they can in a bricks and mortar shop.

You need to fill in your meet the maker part as well.

Your bow ties are nice and bright and colourful but you need to lot more work on all your listings and promoting.

I hope this helps and all the best.

I would second what Eileen has said…you need to drive people to your shop with promotion. A link to your Folksy shop from your Facebook page would be a start.

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Lovely and colourful,
I’m wondering if this wording in your listing is driving people away from your shop to your facebook page to view your other fabrics and they are buying from there instead.
“We accept a made to order request, please visit our Facebook page, large variety of print available”.
perhaps you could pop a photo of some samples within your listing, and remove the above text to help keep them in your shop browsing and hopefully buying
As said by Eileen you have only been here a short time, plenty of promoting your shop and you should start to see more views and hopefully sales.
Good luck


Thank you all for the comments so far.
Yes I don’t expect it to sell just like that but items doesn’t have much view either. I promote on twitter, Facebook and instagram as well… but nothing much is happening. Thank you for the advise given. The pictures are all mine. The one that says Web sample isn’t mine… It was uploaded to just give an idea of what it looks like on. I will remove that. I included what fabrics they were all made from. I will review the shop again and put it right.

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