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Its a love/hate thing

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I love crafting, as we all do or none of us would be here.
But do you have certain crafts that you hate as much as you love?

I love to solder and im trying to make xmas decs, some ar easy, but some are so difficult, and wobbly at times that they are hard to work on and it drives me bonkers.
But the end result is pretty nice soI perservere.

What crafts do you do that you love/hate at the same time.

(Birdandmonkey) #2

I love soldering and all aspects of metal, however some days are just bad soldering days and the gods are against you!
I hate using resin, sticky smelly stuff but I love the way it looks when it’s done! Luckily I don’t use it for my work only at uni for different briefs.

(Donna) #3

It’s making bath fizzers for me, I love the finished result but making them is so messy and makes my back ache. It’s worth it in the end though :smile:

(Liz Clark) #4

I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing; I love it when it all goes well and hate it if I balls it up and have to unpick it! :-S

(Thats Sew Chic) #5

I can relate to that! X

(Helen Dale) #6

i hate making straps for my bags. Not sure i can get away selling handle-less bags though!

(Fiona Thomson) #7

sorry @HandbagsbyHelen - that’s the only part of my custom bag i don’t want sized down :wink:

(Fiona Thomson) #8

turns out i’m allergic to dust and fibres which is a bit inconvenient!
so when i’m not making (whilst wearing a stupid mask) i’m cleaning. plus, it’s costing me a small fortune in allergy & sinus meds.
totally worth it though (apart from the mask)

(Kirsty Macdonald) #9

I love making teddy bears but hate, hate, hate sewing in the footpads! To the extent that, at the moment, I have 8 bears cut out and have stupidly done all the sewing but the foot pads! So that’s 8 times the misery! On miniature bears, it’s the foot pads and turning the ears the right way out - sooooo infuriatingly fiddly! I could leave the foot pads out, I suppose, but I prefer a bear with paw pads! And, like the handbag straps, I certainly can’t leave off the ears :smiley:

I love doing the faces (eyes, nose, placing the ears) because that’s when the bears start to have character and I love dressing the miniature bears - that reminds me, I must get some of them listed!

(Midnight Star Designs) #10

With me its oxidising my copper pieces with the Liver of Sulphur, not so much the actual oxidising process, you have to clean the pieces, then dip with bicarb, then the Sulphur solution, then rinse and dry, that’s not so bad, its then the cleaning process with steel wool, my fingers normally ache for days after! I do love the finished effect though :slight_smile:

(Karen Ellam) #11

I love nothing more than sitting at my desk whistling away making my polymer clay goodies, but the thing that drives me mad is putting everything away at the end of each session.
I don’t realise at the time just how many tools and gadgets I’m getting out.
The problem is my desk and supplies are in the living room so I have to keep everything tidy. I hope to one day in the future have a space of my own. :relieved::art:

Karen :blossom:

(Helen Dale) #12

You must be really scary when you’re in stalker mode if you’re wearing a mask too - spooky!

(Helen Dale) #13

Oh, OK then - you can have a strap @fionaT. Might just be a little narrower to keep in proportions with the bag if that’s OK? But same length - it’s the ends I really hate - and let’s face it, there’s two of those however long I make the strap!

(Helen Smith) #14

I have a love-hate thing with printing ink. I love collagraph printing but I always think it is going to take much longer than it does to get everything set up and I always think that the ink will get everywhere. Once I actually get started it is much quicker and less messy than I thought it would be, but I never seem to remember that!

Even the cleaning up afterwards is not as bad as it used to be now I’ve discovered how well baby wipes work…

(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #15

I hate the admin stuff but it has to be done. I would rather spend my time creating new pieces. I wish there was a magic button and woosh all the listings are entered!

(Diane Burton) #17

That would be great, it seems to take longer to get good photos & descriptions than it does to make the cards. I also hate working out how much each sheet of paper/card costs (or 10cm of ribbon, each faux gem etc)

(Grimm Exhibition) #18

I love sewing but hate it when things dont line up and I have to unpick it all…again!!!