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Ahhh annoyed

(Oh Button Me) #1

I’m so annoyed with myself I’ve spent ages trying to crochet a baby cocoon for a friends new born gift. But each time I try and make one it either goes wrong or is way to narrow. I have balled my wool up so many times now I am not going to quit now.

Do you ever have this same problem with items you make?

Rant over :blush:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #2

If I find Something isnt quite going right perhaps in my case when making cards I cant get the inserts quite right perhaps mistakes punching out the border it helps if you go and do something completely different or take a break and then when you go back to it everything is easier!

(Oh Button Me) #3

Yes I am going to leave it until I come home from work later and see how I feel about it.


(Diane Burton) #4

I tend to put my ‘mistakes’ to one side and forget about them then come across them weeks (or sometimes months) later and it’s surprising how with a fresh look at things the ‘mistake’ either isn’t as obvious (more of a unique quirk) or is something that I can alter.

(Kim May) #5

Absolutely! I have a pile of “cock ups” but I always go back to them and try again. I never give up on anything I’m making. I may take it all apart and re design it or jusse the fabric for something else. I really really hate throwing anything away. I made a dress recently but was never happy with the neckline so I made it into a cushion cover and make up bags in the end.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

As I tend to make my design as I go along with my knitting and crochet I’m always ‘frogging’ (riping out) and redoing bits. I just say well that what happens in the research and design department. You have a general idea you might even have a detailed idea for a small part of an overall design. Making it is were you test it out and develop it further so you have to accept they’ll be mistake.

(Marg) #7

I don’t mind destroying things I have made, say gift bags that haven’t sold, my thinking is I made them so I can take them to bits if I want. The enjoyment was in the making, but I don’t have any sentimental feelings for an item that is not selling. Better to use it for something else, i.e. I chopped up some gift bags and made them into bunting, which sold. Alternatively I will give an item to a charity shop. Marg.

(Oh Button Me) #8

Yes I’m always cutting up and making something else out of items.

I’m going to have another go this evening and if it doesn’t work out i will just have to make something else. Im sure I have taken more time faffing trying to make it than the baby will ever stay in it.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #9

Like some of the others, if a project isn’t going well, I put it away for a while and make something else. Usually, when I come back to the original project, I can work out how to sort out the problem and it ends up much better than I originally imagined it!

(Oh Button Me) #10

I put it away for a week and had one last go yesterday and I managed to make a crochet baby cocoon :tada::tada: so happy now.

(Jan Ryan) #11

Glad it worked out right in the end :slight_smile: Sometimes we just need to walk away for a while.