Folksy Ltd

It's all a bit funky!

(by John) #1

Wow …I didn’t know about ‘Talk Folksy’ until just now …looks pretty cool so far! ‘Talksy’ would have been a good name!

Will take a bit of playing to get used to it I think.

Everyone else happy?


(Margaret Jackson) #3

I’m happy John, much better than the old forum!

(by John) #4

Glad to hear it L15 …you should really be the official tester!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Personnaly I don’t like it

(Jacqueline Austen) #6

Just getting into it - should be good.

(Leanne Woods) #7

Love it so far and I can sod off for a few days and pop back again where I left off without feeling like I’ve missed anything.

(Trevor Harvey) #8

I like it - play with it for a bit, see what you can do and can’t do - it grows on you!

(Joy Salt) #9

I think it’s great. Very different from what we are used to, which will undoubtedly elicit moans here and there especially until everyone gets used to it but it has far more and better functionality so what is not to like ?

I’m especially pleased by how bug free it is and must congratulate Folksy Support on their responsiveness to any issues / problems raised.

(Margaret Jackson) #10

I agree Joy, Folksy support have been brilliant and very quick to respond to any queries. Thanks for this fab new forum Folksy!

(Christine Shephard) #11

I love being able to quickly find all the new threads and posts that I’ve missed since the last visit, without having to wade through all the different forums. I used to stay mainly in the Shop Talk forum on the old one, but can now see all of them at a glance - so much better!

(René Trewern) #12

Love the new forums!

(Nifty) #13

why not, Eileen? You’re entitled of course, I’m just interested.

or nosy!

actually - having read your other thread, I gather it’s because your computer is having issues with it.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #14

yep that the reason plus I hate all this waiting for it to load with the scrolling issues ie too many posts and no page numbers. Also a the icons aren’t that clear as to what they are referring to.

I think I’ve worked them all out now.

There’s the issues of not being able to click on a user name and get taken to their shop. :frowning:

(Christina Green) #15

That’s true, although I’ve just discovered (and I’m probably just being slow here!) that if I click on your icon it immediately tells me who you are and I can message you privately. That could be very handy!

(Juniper Spools) #16

I am quite liking it so far. I have to admit I had neglected the old forums recently but have spent a bit of time lurking in this one to get used to it. Loving how easy it is to add photos but like @EileensCraftStudio I am also missing being able to click straight through to peoples shops. Hopefully that will appear soon. :smiley:

(Christine Shephard) #17

I agree we need a direct link to shops, but I understand that’s being developed. I really like seeing people’s names rather than just their id (for those that have added it) - it feels more polite somehow! :smile:

(Tracey Harriman) #18

As someone who hadn’t even realised there was an ‘old’ forum, I’m loving this!
Looking forward to getting to know some of you x

(Nifty) #19

it’s been added by default. personally, I’d rather be nifty than heather, so I’m hoping it’ll be optional.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #20

I know what you mean I don’t need my name when I have a shop name as my user name.

That’s the thing about forums they allow you to either use your name or a forum name normally.

Mine comes up the way I want it but for other’s I notice it gives out the full name of the shop owner. I’m not sure why that is Surely it’s up to each individual what they’d prefer?

(Liz Dyson) #21

I’m not liking it either, but will have to just get used to it, so not really moaning, just stating a fact.


Plus, I suppose I don’t need to sign my name anymore as it comes up automatically…well, I’m signing it anyway.