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Folksy talk seems very confusing?

i have just re open my shop here and restocked. i used to come on folksy forums a few years ago where you could go in and chat in conversations simply, now iv came back its all change and seems all so confusing to me. hopefully i will get the hang of it

I joined the forums just after the switch over so never used the old forums but I do remember a lot of talk about how confusing it all was! It doesn’t take long to get used to though and there is such a lovely bunch of people on here that its worth persevering :slight_smile: Welcome back.

Adorable dresses btw :slight_smile:

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Welcome back and yes I remember how strange it was and in same ways still is as it works different from all the other forums I use.

If you need help just say and we’ll help as much as we can.

oh yes if you’ve just posted on a thread and want to see more threads just click on Talk or Talk Folksy in black and it will bring you to see other threads. and you’ll see All catorgores which you can hoover over and it will show you the different sections of the forum. such as Showcase, Shop Talk and more.

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