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It's back!

Anyone watching the X factor?

NO. Banned in our house.


I got bored of it after series three. Sorry.

Yes I watch X Factor, I love those ones who think they have talent and are absolute rubbish, it can be so funny, but then you see the talented ones, I love the show

Sue x

Can’t wait for Strictly to start far superior to X Factor!!!

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No, no and NO!

I’m proud to say I don’t watch any reality TV- or soaps for that matter. I just don’t get it. :confused: haha
I’ve discovered I’m watching less and less these days. Good job I only have Freeview! Haha
Have fun watching X-Factor.

Haha! I am much more of a Strictly fan, i’m passing time until it starts! I wondered what people thought of Rita and Grimmy!

No sorry - stocking up on the Prosecco and waiting for Strictly!

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Absolutely not!!!

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Is it just me, or does the whole thing seem scripted. Both judges and contestants seem to be acting rather than behaving naturally. Can’t stand it anymore - way past its sell by date. Simon Cowell is beginning to look like he found his face in a wheelie bin, Cheryl Tweed Coat Fernados Hideaway is thinner than a net curtain (but not as clever), Nick Grimshaw looks permanently surprised (perhaps he can’t believe this rubbish actually goes out on national telly) and as for Rita the Oracle, she seems to spend more time in hair and make-up than she does performing so why she keeps popping up judging singers is a mystery.
Ahhh, that feels better! As for Strictly; Daniel O’Donnel in sequins - I’d rather eat my own liver! :scream:


Hahahahaha! So i’m thinking you’re not a fan either

I don’t know what makes you say that!! :wink:

Not in our house, and we don’t watch soaps and not into so called reality TV we call it scraping the bottom of the barrel TV. :stuck_out_tongue:

We do watch Strictly as we like to see how some their dancers improves. Even those who leave early usually show some improvement and it’s encouraged so many people to take up dancing as an exercise.

We don’t usually watch it at all but the girl next-door-but-one to us is on it this year. So we struggled through it on Saturday, we didn’t see her and we didn’t know it was on on Sunday so bet we missed her! They came to their house to do some filming a couple of weeks ago, I don’t know if that means she did well.

Definitely not!

Oooh is it a blonde girl with a huge family!?

No!!! But can’t wait for Doc Martin!!!

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No, she has dark hair and is called Lucy, lives on Canvey Island. I saw her sing once while she was still at school, she did ‘Proud Mary’ and it was fabulous. I think she is probably mid twenties now, I don’t really know her but would love to see her do well because she seems to work so hard.

The young lady I was talking about in my previous post is supposed to be on the auditions tonight, but apparently she is blond now, not dark haired like I said!