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Strictly is back! Yay!

(Eskimo Circus) #1

The long wait is over! Who do you think is going to be good this year?

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

No idea but I should be infront of the tv instead of on the pc as its about to start!!!

(Tina Martin) #3

Not sure who’s going to be good, bet there will be a few surprises! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Eskimo Circus) #4

Some interesting pairings, not sure i believe the rumours about Ola being unhappy - Iwan seems up for a laugh!

(Bee Skelton) #5

I realise it makes good tv, but I do hope nobody is too embarassing LOL! Long lanky Jeremy Vine has the potential to be completely terrible … but who knows, he may surprise us LOL!

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

I saw Jamelia on Strictly and ive had Superstar going round my head ever since. Will this happen every week until Xmas??!

Im an Enders fan so il be rooting for Kellie bright. Ive noticed the age range isn’t as wide this year. Theres nobody aver 60.

(Marg) #7

Peter Andre gets my vote already, he might be a contender in the latin dancing but I don’t know how he will cope with the ballroom. Peter doing a waltz, can’t imagine that.
I’m glad Anton has got someone he can work with this time.

(Eskimo Circus) #8

Yeah agree about Peter.
The woman from ‘Call the midwife’ looks like she might be a dark horse! Not sure how long Pasha will be on our screens for this year, he’s my fave :frowning:

(Grimm Exhibition) #9

Im glad about Anton too, its about time he was paired with someone good.

(Rachael H.) #10

Agree about Anton, I’d love to see him win. Although Aljaz always has my vote :wink:


I noticed that too…there is normal the same format of contestants, perhaps they realise people will get fed up with this every year!! Or maybe the cynic in me thinks the competition from ITV is something to do with it, or no more Brucie!!!

(Martine Brumwell) #12

This dress reminds me of Strictly :smile:

(Heidi Meier) #13

I think most people this year stand a good chance so I think the competition will be fierce. Those who don’t look as though they would be as good have big fan bases so I’m not sure they’d be voted off anyhow! Looking forward to watching it! :slight_smile:

(Gillian Newell) #14

There are a few really good ones in there, I can’t wait 3 weeks lol