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It's never a good idea to balance a wet painting on top of a radiator

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #1

…especially if you have an aversion to housework and there are huge dust bunnies down the back of said radiator…

I knocked the pic, it slid down behind the radiator…the paint was till wet - the dust bunnies stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job it was a stock item and not a commission!

How have you managed to mess up a work in progress?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

You could always say that the dust bunnies add texture and interest. Also you are sticking to the ‘bunny’ theme! You do love all types of bunny don’t you? lol

(Trevor Harvey) #3

Oh I have a habit of trying to squeeze one print too many out of the ink and invariably it runs out half way though the print… One sheet of expensive paper wasted… I never learn though…

(Joy Salt) #4

Now that is a great title for a new topic. Certainly got my attention :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #5

The very worst thing is, when having carefully cut all pieces of glass to size and a fantastically good fit :), I walk from the garage to the house to copper foil them and whooosh the wind blows.
100% guaranteed to be the most intricate and difficult curved piece which gets blown to the ground and smashed !

(Helen Smith) #6

Glass related here too… due to over vigorous cleaning of a beautiful, delicate, piece that had just come out of the kiln (note to self - do not attempt to clean glass when you have just come out of a meeting with less-than-reasonable people).

(Little Black Heart) #7

if i were you @DandelionsGalle i would sell it as a mixed media piece and charge extra! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Brenda Cumming) #8

that could be a collage that would sell for thousands in the Tate

(Margaret Jackson) #9

This is quite an amusing thread to read, though sad about the smashed glass obviously!

(Diane Burton) #10

I had the same thought :slight_smile: