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I've been missing!

I got locked out of my Talk Folksy account for a couple of months, not sure why, it took admin ages to get to the bottom of it, I had to clear my computer history and all sorts, they decided the other day it was because I had two email addresses registered. I did but I thought I had got rid of one, it was a bit weird as I had no problems before and I could still get into my account to list new items etc, so now down to one email and back on again.

Due to my absence tho I haven’t been able to tell you about all the new stuff we have got listed now, so here’s a taster and if you like what you see, you will have to go to my shop!

Anyone else had a problem lately?


That sounds awful for you. If you have a plus account I hope you get a refund for the time lost.

Do you think I should ask then? I didn’t even think about it. My shops been open, I just couldn’t use Talk Folksy, so I may of lost some sales internally but I was still selling stuff.