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Upgrade to plus. Says my email has already been taken YES, BY ME Saves me £45.00

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Am I just being dim as I don’t really understand what you are telling us?

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Then I must be dim too…I can’t work it out.

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LOL…add me to the list…lol

Me too! :joy:

Glad you asked this I just looked at this and was confused hahaha :confused:

Perfectly clear to me … not!

I read this earlier and couldn’t get my head around it! So walked away!

From the title I’m guessing that @MaddisonsRainbow tried to upgrade to plus, got a message saying that her (?) email had been taken, is upset that the email has been taken because the only person who took the email was MaddisonsRainbow, and then walked away - thus saving the £45.

And then wrote this topic to let off steam.

Perhaps the links to the other posts mentioned cover this topic too - I can’t be bothered to trace it all tbh.

What I mean is that when I wanted to upgrade to a plus account It wouldn’t let me use MY email so I couldn’t get past that to upgrade. Then they sent me an email to change my password, to the email that they said wasn’t mine. Is that any clearer. How can it be mine and not mine at the same time?