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Missing Thread

I was reading a thread yesterday where somebody was leaving Folksy because they thought it was unsafe,however I can’t find it now for some reason.


I remember that thread but I cant remember which section it was in or it’s title

Really, unsafe? Oh dear??

I think they deleted their account and the threads they started.
They had had the usual scammer email that does the rounds but hadn’t come across it before, so had responded to it before realising. They were unfamiliar with the way the Folksy message system works, and didn’t like the fact that email addresses got shared when you replied to messages.

I wondered where that thread had gone. Scammers are everywhere, it doesn’t mean Folksy is ‘unsafe’!


I too had the email from the scammer and reported it to folksy before I deleted it - they blocked his account within the hour. Unfortunately he is known to them so I’m sure he will be back with another account. If you get messaged by a scottwilliams treat it with caution.

Yes, the thread disappeared yesterday - not sure if it was user or Folksy that deleted it

I might be wrong but if he did go ahead and delete his account that might mean his thread deleted at the same time.

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I rather thought that Folksy support had probably deleted it as it was a little bit vitriolic about the Folksy experience and I very nearly reported it as such. There were actually 2 posts and neither made good reading.
The shop has certainly now gone.


It was only time before he got caught and was shut down any way as he was selling Trademark infringement items eg Fan Art.

OK Thanks, I wondered if it had been censured as it didn’t really show Folksy in a good light.


To be honest they seemed to indicate that these spam emails are only a problem on Folksy but if you look at the et*y forums they are full of posts about similar spam emails.


I thought that was the point about spam-“Everything comes with spam.” :wink:

Sam :fish:

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To suggest that spam emails are only on Folksy is ridiculous, and I am glad the post went into cyberspace, or where ever they go. I have had similar emails in my email address which referred to my eb… items. I think we are all aware of these scam emails, I did once click on a link without realising it and my computer was “taken over”. It cost me to have my computer debugged, and I lost lots of files. So I would never click on a link unless I know who the email is from. We live and learn.