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January Art chat thread

Welcome to 2017…here is the place to show and chat about any art
.Please show what you have made…paintings, drawings…any kind of art.


I’ve been very excited since 27th December when ‘The Ballet Master:Sir Peter Wright at 90’ was aired and featured some shots of an early birthday cake I was asked to make for him (not the huge one on the stage at the Royal Opera House, but the one with the dancers a few minutes into the programme!) Having bored as many friends as I dare with my excitement I thought I’d share it here too (less cringe-making than Facebook and seen only by those with some interest in craft!) in an attempt to get it out of my system a bit! Here’s to exciting moments for all of in the coming year of craft!


afternoon all…I hope everyone is busy painting and drawing and making beautiful things.
Back to routine now…I am not a lover of January and February,. so an even better excuse to stay inside and paint.
what are you all doing?..
I am doing some relisting…I have two that I have just relisted



Hello Brenda, I hope you’re well x I’m just getting over a bit of an illness which zapped all energy from me so with the new year I’m hoping to get some new paintings done… or at least some crafty stuff :slight_smile: I’ll keep popping in and try and get back into the swing of things x
Great cake @Justtosay, I can’t blame you for being excited xx

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My name is Charlotte and I am quite new to Folksy.

I am just about getting back into drawing, painting and creating after having Christmas and New Years off. I have posted two new sketches on my Folksy site today.

I am loving all of the art work posted in this thread. I hope you like mine too.


Have a great afternoon!


Thank you Jan. Hope you’re feeling much better soon. :slight_smile:

Have just had a look at your shop and I think your drawings and paintings are lovely. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I think your shop and work is wonderful too!

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welcome to our new ladies…lovely work…feel free to jump in and chat at any time…all are welcome…I have faved your shops.
Waving Jan…hope you are back to good health for 2017…
I was going to paint this afternoon…where did the time go?
I DID make some cards and the motifs on them were hand painted, so I suppose that is half way there.
My aceo blanks are staring at me now…maybe this evening…


Best wishes for the New Year to all my fellow artists :slight_smile:

This evenings doodle, Stag Silhouette, A4 watercolour.


That looks great! And exactly the sort of thing I wish friends did share on facebook, It’s not just crafty people who can appreciate it, a lot of people like cake and will be able to tell they’re very well done figures even if they don’t want to know about all the little crafty details.
You should be proud!

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Good morning and Happy New Year to you all, I have a rare week off this week I’m not sure if I’ll get any time to paint though, concentrating on new jewellery designs at the moment and I really need to re-stock scrapbooks too, art has been sadly neglected lately between running classes, starting a new job next week and an active 1 year old granddaughter there are just not enough hours in the day!

loving the work being shown and waving hello to new peeps too :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your lovely comments Kim :slight_smile:

good morning all…great painting Graham and great to see some new people joining this thread.
Re the cake…those figures are amazing…I have done some modelling in the past and making 3D models is difficult after painting in 2D…too good to eat of course.
I am sharing a card today and although I would not normally put it on the art thread the bird is hand painted, so I am sharing.
Hubby bought me the bird die cuts for Christmas and nightmare…the dies contained over 20 tiny pieces which were all cut in white card. (some were so tiny that I think I threw some away thinking that they were scrap card!!)
Then all I had was a cover photo as a guide…no instructions on which part went where. The worst was guessing which bird had which beak…lol…some were just a few mm’s in size…so I was faced with dozens of tiny pieces of plain white card.
Luckily I was clever enough to be able to paint the pieces, so each card (there will be 6) has a hand painted bird on the front. Here is the first one


Morning Brenda and everyone! Lots of lovely work from you all. I’ll hopefully have some time later to doodle a new, quite simple valentine card design,

Keep up the good work everyone! :slight_smile:

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Wow! just amazing and very exciting,love ballet, love cake, perfect.:slight_smile:

Thank you Tina. I love Ballet (and cake) too, so this was a joy to make! :slight_smile:

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a great morning. I painted these last year but I have only just got round to listing them this morning. Whoops! I hope you like them. I love the Quirky Bird card and the Stag Silhouette is wonderfully atmospheric.

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Beautiful work Charlotte…
today I have another hand painted quirky bird card


Thank you Brenda! I love your cards, they are great😊