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Weekly art chat w/c 04 January 2016

Happy New Year everyone, this is the place to show and chat about art of all kinds, please do join in everyone is welcome

Good morning, waving hi to everyone. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad Margaret, I’m sending hugs your way, sadly I’m too familiar with what you are going through from when my Dad was ill in hospital a few years ago. he had several falls and water infections one after the other so I can really sympathise it’s such a dreadful worry and it’s really difficult and frustrating as there is nothing you can do to help. I hope they get things sorted for him and he can come home soon.

Just looking at the last few threads and wondering if we should go back to a monthly thread with so few of us around, what do you all think?

Ah well back to work today, luckily no meetings until next week so I can ease in gently lol!

A change from word art cut outs today with a cute little Goldcrest ACEO


Thanks Max, it’s the helplessness that’s the worst part I think.

Lovely birdie.

morning ladies…yes we are very quiet now aren’t we…gone are the days when the thread was difficult to keep up with.
Today I have a relist

Morning! :sunny:

I have been doing some relisting today

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Hiya all. :grinning::cherry_blossom::hibiscus:

Mum made me realize I put my work on the December listings lol Oops!

So here is my listing (again lol)…

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Lovely! Fabulous colours! And Happy New Year to you all!


Happy New Year to everyone here!

I’m afraid it has been a very sad beginning of the new year for me as my sister in law died suddenly just after Christmas.

Lovely artwork everyone :slight_smile:

Oh Tina I am so sorry for your loss, sending my sincere condolences to you and your family

that is very sad Tina…sorry to hear that.
Morning all…the rain has temporarily stopped…
My listing today is some Welsh sheep

I’m so sorry to hear that Tina, must have been such a shock!

Beautiful landscape Brenda, love the sheep

Congratulations to Lowri @twinkleandgloomart for being the featured seller, just noticed it on the front page! :smile:


Thanks Margaret :smile:
I hope things are a bit better with your dad.
And that’s very sad Tina, it seems we’ve all been going through a sad time recently. :frowning:
All the best to everyone and keep arting when you can. <3

Thank you everyone,

Lovely watercolour Brenda and congrats to Lowri for being featured seller, lovely!

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Good morning, just flying by to wave hi and say well done to Lowri :wink:

I had some news yesterday I’m going to be made redundant! the writing has been on the wall since last year really after the takeover and I have been moved around a lot in the last 24 months into different jobs which was fun and I enjoyed the work and it was great experience but I was staring to get a bit fed up with the travelling to be honest. We were given the option to apply for voluntary before Christmas and I thought well I should apply on the basis that if they say no I’m okay for the future but if they say yes then at some point it would have been compulsory down the line so I guess I know that now. I officially leave at the end of April this year and strangely I’m really excited about the future, I have already been offered some consultancy work and plan to get a part time job to have more family time, sadly the redundancy pay is not enough to retire on and I have a mortgage and bills to pay, but I can certainly go part time so I can help out with my granddaughter and have more crafty time. Onwards and upwards as they say…

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wow Max…life changing…I always think that things happen for a reason and you are so multi talented that perhaps this will be your opportunity to GO FOR IT !! I will watch your journey with interest. I stayed home and crafted since 1972 and we survived…(just lol)
I wish folksy hadn’t changed to such HUGE pics in my shop…when I look at my individual items they are blown up to 4 times the size of an original aceo and the work is distorted. NO WONDER my sales of paintings have totally slumped on here. People looking at the paintings must think that I can’t see properly. Not happy about that at all because the original painting is so much nicer than the image that appears online. When you look at the whole shop,. they look fine, it is only when you click on an individual item and mostly the problem is just with aceos. However, my larger paintings rarely sell and so I have to stick with aceos in the hope of sales. Perhaps like Max it is a time to concentrate more on the crochet and leave the aceos to the other side !
In the mean time, here is today’s aceo…looks fine on here but take a look at it in my shop…not good.

Max, I’m so pleased for you that you are able to grasp this opportunity so positively! Good luck with all the changes you’ll be making, and maybe at last you’ll be able to rest a little more!

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Ha ha Margaret, having met Max, I cannot see her resting…super talented lady who is always making or doing something !


Brenda I don’t think it’s a problem with your paintings looking so big, they’re in focus and very beautiful. I’m hoping my niece will start a family soon after her wedding in July then I can buy your fab crochet - the toddler poncho is adorable.

Wow Max - what a change! So exciting - good luck with it all <3

Lowri that’s awesome! A featured seller - I’m proud of you girl :slight_smile:

Tina I’m so sorry to read your news.

Margaret I hope your Dad is doing better now.

Waving Kelly and Serena, and I hope I haven’t missed anyone.