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Jasper the puppy update


Just thought I would nip in while the coasts clear and give you a little update on Jasper.

He’s doing absolutely great. He’s now 4 months old. Times flying by.

I haven’t had a lot of time to make any new bits and bobs for the shop, but I’ve tried to promote when I can so a few sales have trickled in.

He loves getting into mischief and having lots of big cuddles. Such a big softie :blush:

I hope your all keeping well :blush:

Karen x


Such a cuttie.

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Utterly adorable. I bet butter wouldn’t melt in is mouth :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update Karen, he’s gorgeous. :heart_eyes:

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Look at those legs! What a lovely new family member,
Suzzie x

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Aww! I see he likes a squeaky toy :smile:

Sam x

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Aww, so cute! :slight_smile:

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oh how sweet :heart_eyes:

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Thanks folks

Yes hes soooo cute he gets away with all the mischief.

He’s super chewy at the moment. I think he’s teething.

Karen :0))

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What a cutie!! :dog:

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He’s an absolute beaut… Gorgeous.

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He is lovely adorable :dog2: :grin: D

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My rescue hound says “woof” ( hi) - Is Jasper a Border Terrier ? my hound loves them:)

My hound also recommends homemade dog treats - and ‘Mum’ has some recipes on her blog xxx WittyDawn Dog Treat Recipes

Here he is waiting for some whilst being photographed my my photographer friend Steve


Hi @WittyDawn :wave:

Yes Jaspers a Border Terrier. He says ‘Hi’ back :blush:

Your dog is gorgeous :heart_eyes:

Ohhhh I’m off to have a look at your blog. I was only thinking the other day it would be lovely to make some homemade treats.
I bought some from a farmers market a while back from a lady who ran a greyhound charity.
There were cheese bone shaped biscuits and liver treats.
Jasper really enjoyed them, and it was nice knowing natural ingredients were used.

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