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Just a thank you really!

Had a bit of a bleugh! day yesterday, one of those rubbish days when stuff doesn’t go quite right! Logged into folksy to check my shop last night and imagine my surprise to see one of my cards on the front cover as a folksy favourite! and some others added to gift lists, so just a big big thank you to folksy for that :grinning: what a lovely feeling it has really given me a boost today and I am making making making and trying to get to grips with blogging and the folksy forum too! Yay!


Well done, keep the good feeling going. It’s great when Folksy add items to the front page. Thanks from me also.

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Those ‘bleugh’ days can really get you down, and juggling the making, forums and blogs is sometimes hard going (well I don’t actually do blogging) but seeing your stuff on the front page is the best pick you up! I love it when that happens.

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Well done gives you a good boost

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Yay! Congratulations. I always get a nice boost when I see our stuff on the cover too.
I can totally relate to ‘bleugh’ days. I thought I was going to have one yesterday but it turned into a fabulous one in the end. My car broke down in the morning, I just about managed to get it to work and had to call out the RAC. I was stressing so much because I’d got a hospital appointment to check out a lump on my breast in the afternoon and had no idea how I’d get there without the car. RAC man came and found it was a sparkplug that had been tightened too much when our car was serviced and it only cost me £25 (which was refunded by the place that did my service). I had my appointment and was given the all clear before going to slimming world and finding I’d lost 3lbs :slight_smile: Swings and roundabouts isn’t it in the end?