Folksy Ltd

Thank you Folksy Shops!

Thank you to all the lovely Folksy shops that we have already booked in for the Spring! We are fully booked (yay!) for January now and I wanted to let you know that February is filling up super fast as I think people are realising Mother’s Day is early this year! (11.3) If you are thinking of booking then please don’t leave it until we are full up!


Dottie x


If anyone has ever doubted the power of British Crafters, Dottie shared my facebook post an hour ago and so far I’ve got 6 new followers and many, many more views and likes than normal (and that’s still going up). Definately worth a try if you need a boost.


Ah thanks Sasha! It is wonderful that with such a big following we can make a difference to pages/shops :slight_smile:
Have to say your fordite display was pretty special and eye catching though!