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Just broken 1500 sales... Feeling fantastic!

Just had to share the news that I’ve just smashed through 1500 Folksy sales… Time to kick on to 2000!


Wow- that’s fantastic . Well done :smile:

Love the Craggy Island Crew!

Congratulations! Well done! :smile:

I’m celebrating your success with a creme egg. Well, any old excuse to eat one!! Well, well done.

That’s fabulous, congratulations.

How long have you been selling on Folksy?

Good luck with your next 500!


I’m not surprised! I know a few people who would love your lego pictures!

Sam x

No wonder you haven’t had time to join the forum until now :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

firstly congratulations on the sales…just hoping that you are not infringing copyright laws with your pictures…lovely as they are…I get very worried when I see fellow crafters using branded names etc. I once listed a crocheted bear on the auction site and a lady in Holland got in touch and told me that if I didn’t remove the word THREAD from my hand crocheted thread bears, she would sue me…very scary as I was unaware that someone had copyrighted the word. It is a legal minefield out there, so please be careful.

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That’s brilliant, well done!

Have to agree with this - I’m sure you probably have permission to use the various characters and brand names, but I find it’s always best to add that information to your listings, and then you don’t get people reporting you to the owners of the copyright / trademark characters / images.

Congratulations on the sales.

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Love to break 30 Lol! Well done though.:joy:

Congratulation on your milestone :slight_smile: