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Just sounding off after rude message!

Hi everyone, sorry but just had a message from an American lady on Twitter (who, apparently, critiques people’s shops, sites etc.
I was told to rethink my layout, SEO and pretty much everything! I feel really hurt and quite annoyed by that. I totally understand that I’m no Richard Branson in business but there is a way of saying things constructively surely :frowning:
Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it off my chest I suppose.
By the way, any genuine criticism is welcome, maybe she was trying to get me to pay for her services x

She is now trying to get me to list on etsy :no_mouth:

That’s weird, I’ve had a message from an American man offering advice, this evening. My husband told me not to reply as it seemed a bit dodgy.

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Probably trying to get you to subscribe.

You should regularly check your site and SEO though. A free reminder never hurt anyone :slight_smile:

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That sounds a bit dodgy. I bet they want money somewhere along the line. Trying to get you to buy whatever they sell.


Hi Sarah, thanks for replying, I’m staying away :grinning:

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Hi Bekki, I agree with you x

Hi Andy, agreed :grinning:

Jo - ignore it it’s an attempt to scam you of some money. They’ve probably never even looked at your shop and sent the identical email to 100s of people. We get them for the photography site all the while - we had one the other day that said they’d done a search for baby photographers in Leeds and had to warn us we didn’t come up in Google search and they could help us - just as well because, as you know, we’re in Leicester and don’t do baby pictures :grinning:


Thanx Karen, now I’ve slept on it I’m a bit more aware of what they were up to. Thanx again :grinning:

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I get emails from these people from Twitter all the time. I totally ignore them and just delete them

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Thanx, I will be doing exactly that in future :grinning:

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By the way that pendant of yours I Tweeted has had several re-tweets - from people I don’t even know. Something is obviously working :+1:t2::grinning:

Hey Karen, yes I noticed that! It baffles me :wink:
Thanx so much for your help x

I doubt she knows she even sent the message, this happens all the time and if you replied you would just be dragged into buying unnecessary rubbish. In my experience (vast) of website people will buy from you if your product is good and displayed so they can see each detail. You can have bells whistles balloons music and videos on it, if they don’t want the product they wont buy it. I was once told by one of these idiots I needed more colour in my website??? Don’t be deterred, your site and your product is perfect.


Thank you so much for your kind words, your very kind. Yes, you’re totally right, thanks again x

You have nothing to worry about Jo, your shop and products are lovely, and I’m a great admirer of your gorgeous mini canvases.

Thanx Natasha, you’re kind x