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(Peonyandthistle) #1

This is a question for sellers who have been on Folksy for quite a while… I notice that, since the change to the Folksy website, our sales and views have dropped a lot… Sales on other sites that we sell on have actually improved so I’m wondering why we seem so invisible on Folksy. I promote our Folksy shop in the same way as I promote my other shops… Has anyone else noticed the same or have you adopted new ways of promoting your Folksy shop?..

Folksy losing makers
(Kim Miles) #2

I have been on Folksy for a long while now with no sales. I didn’t have a lot in my shop to start with, but now I have and I’ve also had all the photos done professionally. I have got quite a lot of response on Twitter but still no sales. I am getting a bit worried as I am trying everything I can think of but I cannot turn my visitors into customers! I don’t know if this is peculiar to Folksy or not as it is my first time at internet selling.

(Caroline Perry) #3

I’m on Etsy too and the same conversation had come up atleast 3 times in the month of how quiet it’s been and no sales. Personally I think we’ve liked so many crafty people that the customers don’t know how to get in here or that they can shop here and it’s not just for crafters.
I could be wrong but I think it’s publication to invite customers to come and see Folksy,Etsy etc (and I promise that’s not a bad reaction to what Folksy does.)
Just a thought :0)

(Heidi Meier) #4

Hello Kim - I was just looking at your memory quilt and quite touched by it. It’s such a lovely idea, I wonder whether there’s a facebook page associated with Alziemers or similar, whereby you could privately message the page owners and see if they would let you post a picture of the quilt and a link to your shop. Yes its marketing, but its such a unique product that they might think it could help people who are coping with living with the disease, and therefore allow it. Worth a try and you’d be straight into the ideal market for this particular product if they’d let you. And if they don’t, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

(Patricia Smith) #5

I have been wondering the same thing -my jewellery sales were very promising last year but have fallen away since the shop front changed. Odd, because I think the shops look great and the website is easy to use. At first I put the decline down to the post-Christmas effect but viewings haven’t really picked up and I’ve made things worse recently by going into Holiday mode! Luckily I have a local outlet where things are selling well, but I’ll persevere with promoting the Folksy shop. Perhaps there are just too many of us!

(Leathermeister) #6

I have had a disasterous week for views and as yet no sales from the shop. I am on twitter and but that is not translating to view either. I thought it I was the only one and am relieved that others are experiencing low figures. Has anyone got some suggestions for turning this around.

(Kim Miles) #7

Thanks for your response, I am making good progress on Twitter, but alzheimers themselves are reluctant to promote it as they only promote there own things! It’s just a game of patience now I suppose and just keep plugging away. I had a surge of viewers last night so maybe??

(Peonyandthistle) #8

I love your memory quilts and think it’s an absolutely fantastic idea. I’d be happy to do a wee bit of promotion for you … let’s see if we can get you some sales!!!

(Silverspiral) #9

Those memory lap quilts are beautiful, I have shared you on my personal facebook page and off to share you on my business page too xx

(Peonyandthistle) #10

Sorry to hear that others are also suffering from lack of sales and views here… for me things got much quieter on Folksy when the layout of our own shopfront changed. I thought it would be much better but for some reason I just seem to be invisible now… I get less views here in a week than I do in a morning on other sites…

(Silverspiral) #11

It is very quite, i don’t get many sales or views on folksy either, and i do a lot of promoting, but it’s the old saying, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink :-D, i hope your sales and views pick up, same for all really x

(Angrycatcrochet) #12

Oh wow Kim those memory blankets are amazing! what a beautiful idea. I worked for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland for years, those blanket would be really well received. I’m going to share them too.

Its unfortunate that they can’t advertise. I know in Ireland they don’t advertise for anything because its seen as a recommendation and if there were anything wrong with the product it could fall back on them, and as a charity they aren’t willing to risk any bad publicity or potential law suit. :frowning: shame cause there are so many products that families would love to know about but can’t.

(Susan Bonnar) #13

My sales have dropped from around 20 a month to 1 or 2 since the changes although I do nothing different at all. Very sad as I have put a lot of energy into Folksy but I too am invisible nowadays!

(Renphotographycouk) #14

You should add “personalised” to your listing title and make it clear that you will personalise the quilt with buyers photos/ words right at the beginning. You only say this right at the end, when to be honest most people will move on by then. I kept reading and reading and I thought to myself, what great product but what a shame you do not use the buyers photos.

Also September is Alzheimer’s month. Check out which health organizations are dedicated to it, will be promoting it. Use the right “@” and “#” on facebook and twitter (yes FB does those now as well) to gain exposure. Do not just write: “check out my memory blankets #dementia” with a bit of creativity and the right promotion you could hit off. Good luck

(Kim Miles) #15

thank you for your thoughts, I will re-write my stuff and as you say, get ‘personalised’ in at the very beginning. I haven’t sold any of the memory quilts yet but it would be brilliant if I could use the photos of them using it. Thanks for taking the time to look, I really appreciate it!

(Kim Miles) #16

Thank you so much, I am bringing the nostalgia ones out soon. I wondered if people were being put off by the fact that they have to sort through their photos and everyone is so busy nowadays. If that’s the case then hopefully the nostalgia one will be better!

(Kim Miles) #17

Thank you for the help.

(Kim Miles) #18

I have re written and got photos at the beginning, thanks. When it comes to Face book and Twitter, I am brand new to it and teaching myself as I go along! I am still very wet behind the ears when it comes to # and @. May be too old to learn now, but giving it my best shot!! Thanks for help.

(Kim Miles) #19

Thank youx

(Astrid Huxham ) #20

i actually closed my shop as i had the idea it wouldnt work. try art fire 12 dollars a month i think.