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Still no sales :(

(Mylittlesewingshed) #1

I’ve been on Folksy for about a month and still haven’t had any sales :frowning: Am I doing something wrong!?? Although I have had an order for 17 bridesmaids bags from a friend … so not all bad! I would like to sell something on here though! Any tips or ideas, please!? x

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hi, well, firstly you’ve only got 5 items for sale so there’s not much choice for buyers. Try to have a least a page full. Secondly, what promotion are you doing? It’s necessary to promote wherever and whenever you can. Do you use Facebook, twitter, craftjuice, all those things? Do you promote on the various threads on the forum to get yourself known? Opening a Folksy shop is only the very start, you have to promote like mad or no-one will know you’re here. Good luck!

(Susan Bonnar) #3

Great advice by Margaret :smile:
I run a FB page that can help to get people to your shop

We are having a Birds & Bees day tomorrow so I have popped one of your owls on to be shared. We have over 10000 likers so hopefully a few will pop in to see what you are selling!

Good luck!

(Mylittlesewingshed) #4

Thank you! I’ll start putting more things on … I was nervous to put too much on, thinking I would wait for sales, but you’re right … I need to give more choice! I have a Facebook page but am just learning how to use this … I invited all my friends to join and have some people ‘like’ me that I don’t know, but not sure where to go from here!

(Mylittlesewingshed) #5

Thanks for sharing my owls! I’m really just starting out - there’s so much to learn! x

(Margaret Jackson) #6

Dottie’s FB page is a great way to promote your things and reach more people. It will take time to build up a following but if you’re willing to put in the time and the hard work the sales will come.

(Mylittlesewingshed) #7

Thanks Margaret. How do I use her Facebook page to promote my stuff? I had a personal Facebook page and added a My Little Sewing Shed as a ‘business’ page in this … every time I ‘like’ something I think it comes up on my personal page (I’ve just ‘liked’ Dottie’s page) … sorry, that might be confusing … I’m slightly confused at the moment!

(Susan Bonnar) #8

You should be able to choose as to whether you post as yorself or as your business page - top right of your page there should be an arrow to let you choose.

We have a theme every day and pin the opening post to the page top and you can put one FB link under it. I share the ones I like! There is also paid promotion but pop over tomorrow and see what we are all about!

(Mylittlesewingshed) #9

I’ll try it out, thanks!

(Linda Wild) #10

Don’t despair @mylittlesewingshed, a month isn’t very long. I was here 3 months before I had my first sale, in fact I opened a shop over on E… about 6 months ago and not a sniff of a sale there - though I must confess to not actively promoting over there as I don’t really know my way round. Margaret and Susan have both given you some excellent advice and I’m sure you’ll soon be celebrating the first of many sales. :smile:


(Liz Clark) #11

@dottiedesigns argh I dropped the ball there then with joining in with your Birds and Bees day seeing as I make mostly birds! D’oh!

@mylittlesewingshed The other replies have said what I would have suggested too; add a few more items and the make sure you promote yourself all over the place. Just having a Folksy shop isn’t enough, you need to drive customers to it. It’s hard when you’re not a natural sales bod, but you do need to spend time marketing yourself.

(Karen Ellam) #12

@mylittlesewingshed Hi. Just keep making what you love, and fill your shop up abit more. Promoting your work really is the key.
Then out of the blue, a sale will come and you will be doing back flips, and forward rolls all over the place with excitement :grin::grin:

Karen :rainbow::sunflower:

(Heidi Meier) #13

Hi there - if you also add some stuff about yourself on the Meet the Maker as this gives buyers a bit of confidence about you. Good luck!

(Jo Sara) #14

If you think about it, a full-ish looking page would be around 16 items (I tend to have around that amount in my shop). It costs 18p to list each item. That’s £2.88 to have a shop front that’s worth a customer browsing in for 4 months. What have you got to lose to fill it up :smile:


Edit. By the way I love the Slurp messenger bag. I would probably crop a photo to show the whole bag (not with the strap too) and have that as your main shop image. The more arty shots can be the additional images in your item page.They are nice clear photos that you’ve got though. I just think the main shots should show the whole item so it’s immediately recognisable as a bag.

(Iddy Biddy Boutique) #15

I just wanted to say that I took a peep into your new shop and loved it. Love your name, your shop banner and those owls you are making . . . So cute! I see you have loads of good advice but basically your product is lush so when people find your page I don’t think you will have a problem selling. Good luck! X

(Iddy Biddy Boutique) #16

Forgot to say, I think your photos are great too!

(Mylittlesewingshed) #17

I keep saying it, but thank you all again … You’ve given me great advice! This will all really help and hopefully one day I can help others because I’ll be so knowledgable! :wink: One last question … Why do you put @ at the beginning of names? X

(Organized Chaos) #18

I get sales from time to time, then long ‘dry’ spells. I try to promote but it’s hard going sometimes.

(Roz) #19

Promotion is hard work and time consuming and can also become very addictive! I try to limit myself to certain times of day otherwise it becomes all promotion and no creating!

The @ highlights the user name and gives them a notification that the have been mentioned.

(Christine E.) #20

@mylittlesewingshed,it is a very quiet time of year. Last year I sold nothing in June even though I have an established shop, this year I’ve sold nothing (on Folksy) for weeks! I agree with the others- fill up your shop, fill in your Meet the Maker and promote (I can’t advise about Facebook as I’m hopeless at it!) With luck (and effort) things will pick up!