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Keep getting the "we're broken" error

Hi everyone, is anyone else having a lot of trouble listing items today? I am trying to list items but keep getting the “we’re broken” error. I have only managed to list three items since this morning as the site keeps crashing with this error.

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You can also get this error if your text description on a listing is over long. I have no idea what the character limit is but occasionally I add a few extra words and it fails in this way. Once I cut down my text it is ok again. Have a look at how much text you were trying to add. I see some of your listings are quite long so it could well just be that.

YES that is what is wrong. You are making your descriptions too long. I took the text from what I think is your latest bag and put it into a test listing of my own and added another dozen characters. It got the error.

So I removed the extra characters so it was same as the listing of yours which worked and sure enough it took it :slight_smile:

So cut down your text a little and your problem should be solved. x

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You are right Joy. That does break it sometimes. It shouldn’t do that really! People should ideally get an error message on the page. If it is that, we’re very sorry @PoppyKayDesigns. I’ll flag it with @dougfolksy as a bug.


Thank you for working that out, I would never have known that was the problem. I also started getting the error “the page you are looking for no longer exists” so it seemed to be the whole site was broken.

I guess I’ll have to write descriptions in MSWord so that it gives me a word count and then transfer over to make sure I don’t go over the limit.

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