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Lap quilts in progress ,items in progress?

Lap quilts. Items in progress ready for April Craft Fairs at Buxton ,Ashford ,Castleton .


Spent a happy couple of hours putting together components for a batch of glass cases. All ready for when I feel like getting the sewing machine out.

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I’ve spent several dusty hours getting the lapidary bit done but I’m very pleased with these fordite cabs.

Now to do the metal working bit and turn them into earrings.


My shop as been so quiet since January (my last sale was the 16th Jan :pensive:) so I’ve been knitting some shawls for myself, I finished one last weekend, but still need to take a photo of it, here’s the current one I’m knitting, I’m halfway through now.

I bought the yarn on holiday in Italy last year, it’s 100% Merino wool.

They look gorgeous and very creative .

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Merino wool is your colour choice .

Thank you @Lindaleonard It’s such a lovely wool to knit with. I could have bought the whole shop while I was there!

Beautiful x

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