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Making new stock and updates😄

Who’s been busy sewing,knitting,craft fairs? I’m sewing my new stock of patchwork cushions,and patchwork quilts!

Will be in my shop soon .Starting Made to order Patchwork Quilts and cushions.Feel free to share your new stock and progress😄

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Those quilts look lovely. I’m busy knitting tea cosies. I’ve sold 6 over the weekend, so busy restocking those. Very happy :grinning:

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Six in one weekend! Well done!

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Don’t know why, it’s never happened before, but I’m not complaining! :smile:

Well done on your sales , I wish if could sell that well , I have put quite a lot of stuff lately but one can only hope .

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You have some lovely cushions in your shop. I was pretty dead in March and April, but last year those months were better for me. Does’t make sense. Hope you get more sales soon.

Well done Claire, that’s amazing! Your tea cosies (and everything else are lovely). Keep up the good work!!
Di :grin:

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Thank you Di

Thanks Claire ,I did a couple of three day events in March April which were good for me.I keep trying selling online but it’s very slow .