Folksy Ltd

What are you working on at present?

I have started a beautiful patchwork quilt using Moda Scrumptios fabric ,liked this fabric for a while and managed to get hold of some ,so we’re off!


I am waiting for felting to begin making a picture , tomorrow hopefully.

Making a wallet purse. The most precise and time consuming project I have made in a long time but loving it.

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Love that fabric, look forward to seeing the finished item.

A little more challenging than normal but loving it ! Love the wallet ,compact and unique item ,:smile:

Fingers crossed for you ,I’ll watch this space :smile:

We are working on a new style of bow, got the pattern sorted just need to make a few and try a few different materials. Hopefully get some up on our shop soon, would love to know what people think.

Still a work in progress remember!:blush:

The sealant is dry now so I can start adding the pearls and resins, plus ribbons and felt on the back!