Launching Folksy's New Search Experience

After a very long, and often frustrating wait we’re delighted to be launching our new search experience today in beta.

Find out what that means in our blog post:

Thank you for your patience, we look forward to hearing your feedback.


Just done a test and really impressed. Everything I searched for came up no oddities at all.

Thank you Folksy.

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Yay it looks fabulous to me, thanks so much for everyone’s hard work and listening to all our opinions :slight_smile: I’m going to get back to making Folksy Friday boards now I can search better for themed goodies :slight_smile: x


Looks amazing! The odd little quirk was thrown up but I was using multiple word searches, seeing as those are what wasn’t working, so I expected the odd surprise.

thank you!!


Sorry to be a bit negative but when using my phone although the search results work well the shape of the pictures cut off a lot of the items so you can’t see the whole product. It looks fine using a desktop so it just serms to be a phone issue. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy. Is there anything that can be done about this?

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We can definitely have a look at that :slightly_smiling_face: are you able to take a screenshot and post it? That would really help. alternatively you can email it to support and they can forward it onto me.

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So I did a search for “yellow jumper” and these were the first two images. When doing the same search on my desktop the full images came up.

Hi, the new search is definitely a massive improvement :grinning: I like that it highlights the search terms you are looking for within the listing and I like that you can filter by category and price.

I have just searched for a few of my items to test it out and on the whole I’m really impressed. One of my listings for a ‘new baby gift’ though doesn’t show up at all when searching for ‘new baby’ but does show up when searching for ‘new baby gift’ :confused: It might just be me not seeing it but I’ve gone through the search 3 times now and cant see it. Could this be checked please?

Also, would it be possible to show how many pages are in the search result? I like knowing how many pages there are to search through so I know to how long to want to keep looking for.


Same here on my phone. Just a partial photo showing, but its fine on the laptop. Samsung galaxy here, too

That’s so much better, just tried with a search for some of my items and they came top of the page. Thank you to the team for working so hard on this, I think it will make the customer experience so much better :+1:

My initial searches were matched really well with what I wanted to find. Love the way what you search for is highlighted, encourages you to be more specific with your searches. Just wondered if the search is linked mainly to the title of the item or equally to the tags?
Did notice when I searched ‘birthday card bee’ , birthday cards with beer appeared with just the first three letters highlighted on the word ‘beer’.

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Searching on my phone has been fine so far even brings up shops accurately which is great. However I don’t think it is compatible with I-Pad as it now looks like this:

I think you need to clear your cookies. I use and iPad and iPhone and both fine but do find this sort of screen until I clear the cookies.

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Thank you I will give it a go

Thank you @Caroleecrafts it worked and I learnt something new so double thank you

You are welcome x

Worked really well for me - quick and accurate.

@LouBerry Please make sure you use the feedback button to inform us of any unusual results like this. We are expecting that a few tweaks will need to be made, but we’ll be collecting data and feedback for the next month to get a clearer idea of what needs improving, and then making the adjustments to make sure the best matches are coming up first.

Love the new search experience. I’ve just tested it with a few of my items and they come up top every time. My shop has been closed for a few days and I’ve just taken it off ‘holiday’ so will see whether sales start to roll in more than they did before. Thank you.