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Layout tweaks to the sub section pages

Have noticed that the main section pages and sub section pages have changed in layout in the last couple of days and now are made up solely of Folksy Favourite Finds with one activity bar at the bottom. Where as the sub section pages are recently listed items (as before), but with the favourited banner now at the bottom of the page…
Just a couple of thoughts, the just favourited bar seemed fine at the top of the page, as it acted like a banner to the page. Now it looks like an afterthought and we wonder how many viewers will actually scroll to the bottom of the page to discover it there, is this a conscious decision or an oversight?

Also the new layout of the 3 column photos with text below is in need of a design tweak, the positioning of the text is a little too low which means all the descenders on the lettering is being cropped which makes the page look untidy. It also took us some time to realise why the photo’s on the activity bar where shaded out and that the bottom bar was a scroll bar. With us all working so hard on getting our photos looking good it seems a shame to have them cropped in half.

We rather liked how these pages had evolved with the recently listed, being bought now, just bought sections which gave variety and activity to the pages, all which helped in keeping the pages looking fresh. now they are just an extension of the same images floating around the front page with only a limited amount of items being seen.

Apologies if this is work in progress :smile:

Anyone else noticed these changes?

I hadn’t noticed it but now I’ve looked at it can’t say I like it - definately don’t like the sideways scroll bar recent activity thing and I see what you mean about the text. Has anyone checked to see how it looks on a phone or tablet?

Yes, wonder what it all looks like on a phone?

Don’t normally look on my phone - the touch screen doesn’t like my fingers - but had a quick butchers. One glaring thing - the favourite finds on the pc is 9 items which forms a nice 3 by 3 square, on my phone it gets divided into 2 columns but there are still only 9 items so there is a blank space at the bottom. No text with the items just a price floating in the bottom right corner - looks better than the slightly chopped off text but does rather emphasise the price.
Looking at the category home pages a bit more it does look more slick/ professional as they have cherry picked well photographed/ styled items, they have also left out items with a more assembled feel to them. But I know that some people have felt ‘left out’ as no matter how well they style/ photograph their items they are just not to the folksy taste. I think there might be some annoyed people on monday when they find out.

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Does that mean there is no mention of the individual seller’s details on the pic and solely a price showing?
If that’s the case it could be perceived that Folksy is the seller rather than a community of individual sellers on their platform. Quite misleading…

I think I’m missing the changes…I checked the front page and everything looks the same to me. I’m on my laptop and use Firefox.

Is anyone else see the prices shown twice in our listings? That’s new.

Front page is still the same, it’s the sub sections, Jewellery, Art, Homeware, etc… that have changed :slight_smile:

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No title or sellers details until you click through on to the item listing page. Just the picture with a little purple price box.

Hi Minerva,
I’m not seening any prices doubled up either in your shop or mine, just the price top right above the add to basket button where it has always been. Where are you seeing the second appearance?

If you look at the listings without clicking to enter. There is one price on the right and one at the bottom under ‘1 in stock’.

Ah! yes! just spotted it on the shop front page rather than the individual listings page with you now, it’s like that on my phone as well. Doesn’t crop up on the items in gift guides/ favourite finds or on the folksy front page. Seems redundant to have the info repeated so close together.

I noticed that yesterday when I was updating my listings.
If one of them goes, I would prefer it to be the one at the bottom.
The one of the right looks better with space around it.

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